Friday, June 29, 2012

Off to Amsterdam and Paris

The last couple years we have made our yearly family trip an international one.  We have been going to Italy and fallen in love with it!  We had planned to head the same direction until the earthquakes hit.  We had to change our plans. So we headed to Amsterdam and Paris.  Sawyer couldn't wait to go back to the Eifel Tower!  Off we go!!!!  Sawyer is ready!!!

Nice smile buddy!  You make me laugh!
We arrived in Amsterdam on Monday morning.  We arrived around 8:30am so we had the entire day to explore a new city.  It was AWESOME!!! 

Amsterdam is a very beautiful city and very crazy.  Sawyer loved looking at all the canals and the bikes.
I'm pretty sure he would have taken a swim if we let him,
Eating lunch on the first day.  Poor boy couldn't keep his eyes open.  I guess the time change caught up with him.
What a sweet face!
Beauty all around Amsterdam

Sawyer loved this area.  He wanted to play in the water, on the "I Amsterdam" letters and the playground. 

We took Kalani with us to help with Sawyer if we wanted to go out at night.  We didn't actually need to take her but she seemed to have fun and Sawyer liked having her with us.