Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas Day!!!

Christmas was a busy day but very enjoyable. Here are just a few pictures of the day.

Jr was really excited about the train. He was saying "Choo Choo"!!!

Daddy teaching Sawyer how to get the train moving
Grammy and Sawyer. I love you Grammy!!!

Amie's boys (Carter, Jamie and Andrew) at Aunt Gerry's with Sawyer. Gerry's house is always so beautifully decorated

Kennedy and Sawyer playing

Sawyer loves his cousins

Davis and Sawyer take a ride together. They loved it!!!

Always a smiley boy

Mommy and Sawyer. Not the best picture but how often do you get a somewhat normal picture like this.

We had a wonderful time this Christmas. Thank you Grammy for letting us stay at your house. We love everyone so much!!!

Christmas Morning!!!!

This year we spent Christmas in SLC at my moms house. I was pretty excited because my mom hasn't had kids at here house on Christmas morning for a long time. I think she enjoyed it as well. Santa brought Sawyer a Thomas the Train that he can ride on. He loved it!!! I think all the kids did. Here is the Christmas tree before the presents were opened. Sawyer was really excited when he saw his train
Sawyer riding the train

Mommy and Sawyer opening presents

Sawyer loved opening presents. He was a little sick but didn't show it. He is always such a wonderful boy!

Sleigh Riding at Papa's

On Christmas Eve day some of the family got together to go sleigh riding at my dads house. We call him Papa. This was Sawyer's first time sledding. He didn't know what to think at first but ended up loving it. I must say I enjoyed it as well.

Here come Olivia and Papa Papa, Chase and Sawyer

Holli and Marissa

Thank you Papa for taking me down the hill for my first time!!!!

He come a couple other kids. I believe Carter is in the lead!

Thank you Papa and Grandma Jan for a wonderful day!!!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Vote Sawyer cutest baby!!

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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Hogle Zoo

We flew to SLC for the day and went to Hogle Zoo. This was Sawyer's second zoo experience. His first time to the zoo was in Cleveland with his aunt Haley and cousin Alex. This time we went to Hogle Zoo with aunts Heid, Hillary and Heather, and cousins Grace, Jr, Davis, Chase, Caroline and a friend. It was great!

Grace, Caronline and friend
Sawyer, Davis and Jr
Chase, Sawyer and Davis

I love my cousins!

We love the park

We love spending our days off work outside. Sawyer loves going to the park.
Me and Sawyer
Sawyer found the only dirt and fence close to us. Doesn't he look so sweet!

Playing in SLC

Sawyer loves to fly down to SLC to play with his cousins. Here are just a few pictures.
Davis, Jr, and Sawyer swinging!
Jr, Sawyer and Grace
Kennedy and Sawyer at the parade
Aunt Gerry and Sawyer at the parade
Obviously the parade pictures are a while back. The swinging is recent.

Tubbie Time

No this isn't a Huggies Ad but I think he is cute enough to be in one!
If you don't already know our place only has showers. As you can imagine showers aren't that easy with a baby. One of my co-workers at the airport gave us this tub at our baby shower. Sawyer loves it! I guess he takes after his mom. Tubbie time is the best!

Sawyer's first time boating!

Sawyer's big brother Josh came up to Pocatello a few weeks ago. He took us all out on his boat for the day. It was Sawyer's first time on a boat. He loved it!!! Thanks to Josh (and Tammy) for taking us out for the day.
Daddy and Sawyer enjoying the wind!
Josh and Sawyer
Just relaxing!I feel so free! Yippee!!!Ariel and Sawyer

Monday, June 30, 2008

Our day at Lava Hot Spings

Every summer we take the team girls on bonding excursions. Last week we went to Lava Hot Springs. This was Sawyer's first time (except for in my tummy). He loved it!!! The girls are always so good with him. Here are just a few of the girls with Sawyer. Ariel and Sawyer. He loves his big sister!

This is so Sawyer, just kicking back and relaxing.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Our day in Salt Lake

Sawyer and Mommy love being outside.
Jason and Mica ran the Wahsatch Steeplechase. It's an 18 mile run that is extremely hard. They both finished in good time and great spirits. Way to go!
Sawyer is always a happy boy!
Mica is headed to Boston but couldn't leave without saying bye to Sawyer!Grace, Jr, and Sawyer played all day. Grace really wants to take Sawyer home with her.
Sawyer had an exciting day in Salt Lake. He went swimming for the first time, went up to the mountains to the race, and played with his buddies! We all had a great time!

Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh My!!!

Here we are in front of the Elephants. They are always a BIG hit!
Sawyer's first time to the Zoo
Where are the Gorillas? Haley, how did you miss them? That's OK, no one's looking at the camera anyway! Beautiful cheetah

Haley and Ali in front of the Giraffes. Look close!!!Daddy held me up so I could see the Giraffes as they parade around
Sawyer's first time to the zoo was a great time

Our trip to Cleveland

Out by the fire. Isn't that the cutest picture!
One night we roasted hot dogs in the backyard. It was so much fun!
Doesn't their family look good with one more kid! What do you think Haley, one more? Out by the fire
Ali and Sawyer
Here is our family with Lake Erie as a backdrop
Daddy gave me my first taste of ice cream. Yummy!!!

I love my aunt Haley We went downtown to have lunch at Panini's. It was awesome! If you watch the food network channel you should know they are famous for there sandwiches with french fries and cole slaw on them. We highly recommend it.
We had a great time visiting Haley, Brandon and the kids. Thank you so much for having us!