Friday, April 18, 2008

Sawyer's first night in his crib!!!

After 6 months of sleeping in the basanette, I decided it was time to let Sawyer sleep in his crib. He has an Antique Toys Bedding set that I really like. Sawyer slept good for his first night in his bed. He only woke up once! As for mom and dad we were up and down all night just making sure he was ok. He is such a good boy!!!!!


Ryan and Katie said...

What crib bedding did you end up? Sawyer looks soooooo cute!!!! Come visit us soon-


Nikki said...

Kim, he is so cute. I would love to get together when you come to town. You sound like me, I had Beckham sleep in his crib his first night home and i was up all night checking on him. Since then he has been sleeping in his bassinet right next to me.

Courtney said...

Kim what a cutie! It is fun finding your blog.
Courtney (hutchins)