Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Look what else he can do!!!

So, we are watching Sawyer crawl on Saturday and are so excited. While I am sending the video out Mark and I look over and Sawyer has crawled over to his crib, grabbed a hold of the bars and pulled himself up! No help at all!!! It was a big day for our growing boy. Good job Sawyer!


Ryan and Sarah said...

Holy cow! He is growing up so quickly! He is so big and so strong! Well, he must be in a hurry to do all the fun things that he sees at the gym. What a great crawler, we love you Sawyer!

The Pettiette's said...

Hey Kim. I can;t find your email address so... I did my header in my Corla Draw program that I make my cards in. Email me and I can tell you more. cdpettiette@gvtc.com

Megan said...

Hey Kim!
That is exciting about yourlittle boy crawling!! I have a little girl about a week older than Sawyer. She is almost crawling. I would love to get a hold of you some time. Here is my email megan_watkins789@hotmail.com

Megan Aldrich