Monday, June 30, 2008

Our day at Lava Hot Spings

Every summer we take the team girls on bonding excursions. Last week we went to Lava Hot Springs. This was Sawyer's first time (except for in my tummy). He loved it!!! The girls are always so good with him. Here are just a few of the girls with Sawyer. Ariel and Sawyer. He loves his big sister!

This is so Sawyer, just kicking back and relaxing.


Haley said...

love that pic. in the purple hippo!!!! too cute!!!

Ryan and Sarah said...

Looks like Sawyer loves all the female attention! What a cutie pie. And my goodness Ariel has grown into such a beauty! I miss you!!

Haylee Munk Brown said...

Hey Kim, I found your blog through Christy's (Denson). Your little one is so cute!!I love the name Sawyer, very fitting. Hope all is well, and it is good to see how you are doing. Tell Mark hello from me!

Haylee (Munk) Brown

Megan said...

Hey when are we going to hook up Sawyer and Sophia? Are you coming down for the reunion? I am not going but would love to see you. Also I noticed Nikki is on your blog. Tell her to check me out, becuase hers is set to private.