Saturday, August 30, 2008

Hogle Zoo

We flew to SLC for the day and went to Hogle Zoo. This was Sawyer's second zoo experience. His first time to the zoo was in Cleveland with his aunt Haley and cousin Alex. This time we went to Hogle Zoo with aunts Heid, Hillary and Heather, and cousins Grace, Jr, Davis, Chase, Caroline and a friend. It was great!

Grace, Caronline and friend
Sawyer, Davis and Jr
Chase, Sawyer and Davis

I love my cousins!

We love the park

We love spending our days off work outside. Sawyer loves going to the park.
Me and Sawyer
Sawyer found the only dirt and fence close to us. Doesn't he look so sweet!

Playing in SLC

Sawyer loves to fly down to SLC to play with his cousins. Here are just a few pictures.
Davis, Jr, and Sawyer swinging!
Jr, Sawyer and Grace
Kennedy and Sawyer at the parade
Aunt Gerry and Sawyer at the parade
Obviously the parade pictures are a while back. The swinging is recent.

Tubbie Time

No this isn't a Huggies Ad but I think he is cute enough to be in one!
If you don't already know our place only has showers. As you can imagine showers aren't that easy with a baby. One of my co-workers at the airport gave us this tub at our baby shower. Sawyer loves it! I guess he takes after his mom. Tubbie time is the best!

Sawyer's first time boating!

Sawyer's big brother Josh came up to Pocatello a few weeks ago. He took us all out on his boat for the day. It was Sawyer's first time on a boat. He loved it!!! Thanks to Josh (and Tammy) for taking us out for the day.
Daddy and Sawyer enjoying the wind!
Josh and Sawyer
Just relaxing!I feel so free! Yippee!!!Ariel and Sawyer