Thursday, February 26, 2009

A Meet in Park City and the Oscars!!!

This last weekend was full of activity! We had a gymnastics meet in Park City Fri and Sat all day. Our girls did a pretty good job. We are about half way through the season and they are finally putting it together. We are so excited for them. Grandma Taunnie came to the meets to help with Sawyer. I also think she enjoys watching the meets. Thank you Grandma for all your help. We really do appreciate it. Love you!!! On Sunday Mark helped Hillary and Jason move and I watched Davis. It was so much fun!! All the kids play so well together. WE NEED MITCH, ALI AND LILY TO COME PLAY!!! If the excitement of the competition and moving wasn't enough the Oscars were Sunday night! We had a few people over to Grandma's to celebrate. It was so much fun. Holli came over with her kids, Hill and Jason brought Davis, Heidi came with Grace and Jr. Olivia was really sick and ended up in the hospital but I'm sure she would have enjoyed it. Who would have thought the Oscars were as big of an event as the Super Bowl!!!!

Here are Davis and Sawyer playing on Sunday morning. Still in JAMMIE'S! Isn't that the best way to play!!!

Sunday night most of the kids took a tub together. It was really funny! Grace had to get out because she didn't like other people's hair in the tub!

Kennedy is so good with kids. All of her cousins love her. Love you Kennedy!!!Here is a group photo of a few of us. Its the best we could do. We really had so much fun! Thanks MOM!

Here is the table of food. Not quite like the Super Bowl but close. We had chips and salsa, a veggie tray, sausage, cheese, crackers, potato salad, and much more. Yummy!!!

Isn't this a beautiful platter!!!!

Thanks to everyone for a great weekend!!!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Vegas Trip

Here are a few more pictures for our trip to Vegas.

Sawyer loved the pool!!!

Daddy and Sawyer walking by the pool We had so much fun getting together with Jessenia and Maisha. Jessenia was my teammate at Utah State. Sawyer loved them both. Jessenia has always been such a great friend. They both seemed really happy!!! Thank your both for getting together. Hopefully we will see you soon!!!

Daddy and Sawyer out by the pool

Mommy and Sawyer by the pool

Vegas was great! Thanks to everyone for your help with Sawyer. No money was won, Sawyer got the Croup but overall we enjoyed our stay.

Competition Season

We haven't blogged in while do to a very busy schedule. Competition season started for our gymnasts at the end of Jan. Our first meet was in Boise. The girls did a pretty good job for their first time competing in 2 years. It was a first for our level 5's. They did a great job! Then we headed to Las Vegas. Grandma Taunnie joined us on this one, which was great! We tried to help the parents out by flying standby. It was NOT a smooth way to travel but we made it in time for the competition. Our gymnasts did a great job! New skills were performed, a couple won on individual events. Mark and I thought they did a great job! GO GIRLS!!!
As for Sawyer, he is always a wonderful boy! In Boise the parent's helped with him. In Vegas Grandma was on duty. It's usually a pretty easy task watching Sawyer. He loves to be in the gym. We always have comments on how well behaved he is. Thank you everyone(and the girls) for all your help with Sawyer. Your the best!!! Now if only Sawyer will stay like this until he is 18....

This was in Boise. Sawyer loves phones or ANYTHING electronic!!

Here we are in Vegas. Sawyer loved playing out by the pool even though it was cold.

Hadlee and Adri(a couple of our gymnasts) playing with Sawyer. He loves all of them!!!

Kylie and Sawyer played a ton in Vegas. Kylie came to visit at the Hotel. Thanks Kylie!!!

Great job girls!!! Thanks Grandma for coming with us to Vegas. You're welcome to come to any and all of our competitions. We love you!!!