Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Competition Season

We haven't blogged in while do to a very busy schedule. Competition season started for our gymnasts at the end of Jan. Our first meet was in Boise. The girls did a pretty good job for their first time competing in 2 years. It was a first for our level 5's. They did a great job! Then we headed to Las Vegas. Grandma Taunnie joined us on this one, which was great! We tried to help the parents out by flying standby. It was NOT a smooth way to travel but we made it in time for the competition. Our gymnasts did a great job! New skills were performed, a couple won on individual events. Mark and I thought they did a great job! GO GIRLS!!!
As for Sawyer, he is always a wonderful boy! In Boise the parent's helped with him. In Vegas Grandma was on duty. It's usually a pretty easy task watching Sawyer. He loves to be in the gym. We always have comments on how well behaved he is. Thank you everyone(and the girls) for all your help with Sawyer. Your the best!!! Now if only Sawyer will stay like this until he is 18....

This was in Boise. Sawyer loves phones or ANYTHING electronic!!

Here we are in Vegas. Sawyer loved playing out by the pool even though it was cold.

Hadlee and Adri(a couple of our gymnasts) playing with Sawyer. He loves all of them!!!

Kylie and Sawyer played a ton in Vegas. Kylie came to visit at the Hotel. Thanks Kylie!!!

Great job girls!!! Thanks Grandma for coming with us to Vegas. You're welcome to come to any and all of our competitions. We love you!!!


Lilismom said...

So cute! Sounds like fun!

Sarah said...

I'm glad you guys had a good trip. And that it was a successful competition. You should come to a CO meet sometime! That's so awesome you got to see Jessenia, how is that crazy girl??