Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Vegas Trip

Here are a few more pictures for our trip to Vegas.

Sawyer loved the pool!!!

Daddy and Sawyer walking by the pool We had so much fun getting together with Jessenia and Maisha. Jessenia was my teammate at Utah State. Sawyer loved them both. Jessenia has always been such a great friend. They both seemed really happy!!! Thank your both for getting together. Hopefully we will see you soon!!!

Daddy and Sawyer out by the pool

Mommy and Sawyer by the pool

Vegas was great! Thanks to everyone for your help with Sawyer. No money was won, Sawyer got the Croup but overall we enjoyed our stay.


Nikki said...

Oh how fun!! I love Vegas. Remember when i was lucky enough to go with your family two years in a row. I had so much fun and I think that is where my love for Vegas started. Looks like everything in your life is going well. It sure is fun to see your blog and what is happening in yor life. Sawyer sure is a doll:)

Haley said...

wish i was there!!! he's getting so big!!!