Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Mia Kate Rowland

My twin sister Katie had a beautiful baby girl last Friday. She was 1 month early and very tiny, 5lbs 13oz. Both are healthy and doing well. They named her Mia Kate Rowland. She is so sweet! Everything about her reminds me of Katie, she has curly hair, a tiny nose, all small features, and looks just like Katie. Mia is so lucky to have such a wonderful mom. We are glad they are both doing well. The next step is to teach Mia's big sister Olivia how to change diapers! I know she is going to pick it up quick. She is going to be a great big sister. Congratulations!!!! We love you!!!

Kennedy and Mia. We all love Kennedy!
Do you think I look ready for another?

Congratulations to the Rowlands!!!

Sawyers gymnastics update

Here is an update on Sawyer's gymnastics class. He is so great!!!

He can do seat drops!

Forward rolls down the cheese mat.

Swinging on the bar. I'm so strong!!!

Silly Sawyer

Isn't it funny how kids find the most random things fun to play with? Yesterday Sawyer decided to find himself a new chair. Or could this be a new potty chair.... I thought it was so funny. Later that night he decided it was really fun to get into the bassinet. He is such a goofy boy!!!

These videos are funny because you can hear Sawyer laughing. He thinks he is so funny!!!

He had to finish what he started!!!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

I started gymnastics class

Look who started gymnastics class... He loves it! Here are a couple of video's for you to enjoy.

Sawyer is really good at walking on the beam. Notice how he steps one foot in front of the other.

Learning back handsprings is so much fun! I love how he starts putting his head back.

Forward rolls are fun to. He can almost do it by himself down a cheese mat.

Thank you Kaylee for teaching Sawyers class. He loves it!!!

Random pictures from yesterday

Yesterday was such a beautiful day. Sawyer and I went on walk, he had gymnastics class, and then he wanted to play in the truck. Grandpa Brent and Grandma Jan sent Sawyer up an Easter gift with bubbles in it. Sawyer found them fascinating. It was a wonderful day!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Kalispell Montana

As you can see we travel a ton!!! We were just visiting Kalispell Montana. This is a beautiful place that we are definitely going to visit again. Fishing , hiking and camping are on the agenda. This was Sawyer's 7th state. He is very well traveled. I just wish he could remember these experiences. Enjoy!!!!
I think if I let him, he would just continue to walk forever!!! He loves to explore.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

A quick trip to Denver

We took a trip to Copper Mountain Colorado for Snowboarding Nationals. One of our rampers from the gym qualified. We had so much fun. The weather was perfect, our ramper did great and we had a chance to visit with my best friend Sarah. While Mark was up on the hill coaching and getting a major sunburn, Sawyer and I walked around and found many wonderful sights.
I'm not quite sure what this statue is but Sawyer loved it
This is Sawyer in his element. As you can see he is very independent!

We found this giant chair that Sawyer couldn't get enough of. He wanted to climb up and down over and over again.

Here we are with Ryan and Sarah. They have 2 handsome boys, Austin and Carson. Thanks for getting together. We miss you guys!

Daddy and Sawyer enjoying the fire. It was very relaxing.

We hope to have many more trips to beautiful Colorado!

Jungle Jim's on Jr's Birthday

Jr had his 2nd birthday on April 8th. We decided to go to Jungle Jim's to celebrate. It was so much fun! All the kids loved every ride. The swings were a big hit along with the roller coaster. Grace made cupcakes just for Jr. She is such a great big sister. The next place we need to take the kids is Lagoon. They would have so much fun. Happy Birthday Jr!!!

Jr loved the cupcakes Grace made.

Hillary, Davis, Heidi, Grace and Jr on the roller coaster!

They loved the Jeeps

More Jeep pictures!

Sawyer and Mommy on the roller coaster

Olivia, Brooke, Grace and Davis getting ready to fly the planes

What a cute family. We love you!

I love how Sawyer is just peeking over the edge. Thanks Brooke for sliding down with him

Swinging time

Aunt Gerry and Jr

Sawyer flying with Brooke. Look at his hair, you can see his one section of long hair. Yes he has a comb over

I think they are deciding what trouble they will get into next

Sawyer on the Merry-G0-Round
One more of Mommy and Sawyer

Everyone had so much fun on all the rides. We cant wait to do it again.

Shoe fetish

Well Sawyer has a serious shoe fetish. He walks around the house saying "shoe, shoe" it is really funny. He loves to put them on. He can even walk in heels!!!!
He is such a silly boy!!

One day of Spring

We had a few days of great weather. Sawyer was so excited to play at the park. He loves the slides. He even went down the tunnel slide head first. I guess he has no fear!! Such a precious boy!!!
Since this day at the park we haven't had another really nice day. A few days of rain, snow, and strong winds. Isn't Spring ever going to come!!!

Friday, April 3, 2009

Davis's party!

Here are some pictures of Davis opening his presents. He was so funny! You can see by the look on his face how determined he was to open the gifts.
Playing with some toys

Gifts just keep coming

Sawyer joins in on the fun

I loveDavis's face in this one. He was so excited!!!

Happy 1st Birthday Davis. We had so much fun swimming and having breakfast. We love you!!!

Davis's 1st Birthday!!!

My sister Hillary has a boy named Davis who just turned 1. He had a swimming party. It was so much fun! All the kids and parents had so much fun. I didn't get any pictures of Davis in the water but here are some of Sawyer.
This is Candice getting her boys ready to swim. Sawyer was watching them wondering why he doesn't have goggles! Grace and Sawyer

Sawyer loved the water

Kennedy, Sawyer and Jamie playing

Thank you Davis! We had so much fun swimming. We need to go again soon.