Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Jungle Jim's on Jr's Birthday

Jr had his 2nd birthday on April 8th. We decided to go to Jungle Jim's to celebrate. It was so much fun! All the kids loved every ride. The swings were a big hit along with the roller coaster. Grace made cupcakes just for Jr. She is such a great big sister. The next place we need to take the kids is Lagoon. They would have so much fun. Happy Birthday Jr!!!

Jr loved the cupcakes Grace made.

Hillary, Davis, Heidi, Grace and Jr on the roller coaster!

They loved the Jeeps

More Jeep pictures!

Sawyer and Mommy on the roller coaster

Olivia, Brooke, Grace and Davis getting ready to fly the planes

What a cute family. We love you!

I love how Sawyer is just peeking over the edge. Thanks Brooke for sliding down with him

Swinging time

Aunt Gerry and Jr

Sawyer flying with Brooke. Look at his hair, you can see his one section of long hair. Yes he has a comb over

I think they are deciding what trouble they will get into next

Sawyer on the Merry-G0-Round
One more of Mommy and Sawyer

Everyone had so much fun on all the rides. We cant wait to do it again.

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kim said...

i hate that we miss all this stuff!!!! i love that little guy!! he is such a cutie!!! always happy!!!