Saturday, May 23, 2009

It's always nice to have family visit

We were so excited when Miranda called to ask if her family could come visit for a couple days. Todd had some work to do with the police department up here, so we had a couple days of fun with their family(we were missing Todd's kids, they had school). I didn't get many pictures which is such a shame. Sawyer had so much fun playing with Keaghan, Kainoah, and Landen. We went to the park (it lasted 10minutes because it was freezing), Keaghan taught Sawyer how to build ships with his Lego's, they played cars, we went to McDonald's Playland, and of course everyone played at the gym. Worst of all I don't have any pictures of Landen! He is 7 weeks old and a beautiful baby, just like his mother. Todd made stuffed chicken for dinner one night, it was amazing! That is definitely one meal Mark will be learning how to master! Thanks Todd! Thanks you guys for coming up to visit, we had so much fun! We love you so much and hope you will come again soon!

Sawyer and Kainoah on the tramps!

Keaghan, Kainoah and Sawyer being silly

Jumping on the tramps againCheez!!!

Thank you Todd and Miranda for bringing some of the family up. We love you and will see you soon! Come up any time. PLEASE!!!

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