Thursday, May 28, 2009

Memorial Day

On Memorial Day, Mark and I had a BBQ at my moms house. I pretty much elected Mark as the cook for the day. He is such an amazing cook, I thought it would be nice for everyone to taste it. He made chicken and beef kabobs that were fantastic! We had so much fun putting them together. Kennedy and Caroline seemed to have fun building the kabobs. Thanks you two for helping. We made the BBQ an open invite so anyone could come. We had quite a few people over but not close to everyone. Mark's daughter Miranda came with her family, Hillary and Jason came, Heather and Mica came, Mom, and Kennedy and Caroline helped with the kabobs. Maybe next year everyone will come. Can you imagine the crowd if everyone was together at the same time.... CRAZY!!!!

Here is the Leiendecker Family, Todd, Landen, Amber, Kyle, Aaron, Kainoah, Miranda, and Keaghan. Mark and Sawyer finished the photo.
Isn't he so precious! This is Landen wide awake and enjoying the day.

Sawyer is always on the move. He has NO fear! He is now climbing up the slide.

Daddy and Sawyer. I love you both!

Kyle and Aaron teasing the other kids. We had so much fun with these boys!

Hillary, Jason and Davis, company that we always have fun with. WE LOVE YOU GUYS!

We love this picture.

Apparently Chase always makes funny faces in his photos. He is so silly! I took this hoping to get a normal smile. Better luck next time I guess. Bailey does look beautiful though.

Kennedy spent the entire day with Sawyer. He loves her so much, but who doesn't. She gives him a kiss as they are leaving. Caroline is right behind her. Sawyer loves you to Caroline. Thanks for being such great cousins.

All the families played together.

Doesn't Grandma Taunnie look beautiful! Thanks mom for having us all over. We love you!

Davis is so handsome. His baby blue eyes take your breath away! Sawyer and Davis love playing together. READY, SET, GO!!!!

Kainoah looks so sweet as she looks out for everyone on her ship.

Keaghan gets ready to slide down. But of course, GRANDMA makes him stop for a photo. Yes it's true, I'm a grandma!!!

Thanks to everyone who joined us on Memorial Day. We had so much fun!!! Does anyone want to have a cook off with Mark? You choose what to cook and we will be there. I think we should start an Iron Chef or Throwdown! What do you think?


Haley said...

so funny to hear you call yourself grandma!!!

Sarah said...

Grandma?? So fun!
I think Mark and Ryan should have a cookoff (mainly to get you guys out here again!!). And one day I will beg for the Kimberly potatoes and chicken and sausage recipes I used to drool over! Love you!