Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Rodeo time

Sawyer went to his first rodeo last weekend... Now who doesn't like rodeos?!!! The people in Pocatello are very diverse. One of our team girls has a brother who is a bull rider for the local high school team. We spent the day with the Anderson Family. We watched all the behind the scenes of the Rodeo since Houston Anderson coaches his son (Houston was a terrific bull rider himself). Sawyer loved petting the goats, looking at the bulls, and watching the cows. He really wanted to pet them but they weren't interested. Hadlee (Anderson) and Adri are always so great with Sawyer. Thanks so much for playing with him. He always has so much fun with you both. Unfortunately, Wacey, Hadlee's brother was bucked off and the bull stepped on his calf. He is doing fine but has a major hoof mark on his calf.

Here are some pictures of the rodeo. Hadlee and Adri were helping Sawyer pet the steers!!!!

Daddy and Sawyer watching the bull riders

We love this one!

Almost made it to 8 seconds!Adri and Sawyer looking at the calvesWacey, Houston, Mark and Sawyer. Talkin to the cowboys!Sawyer loved the goats. Adi, Hadlee, Sawyer and HoustonRight out of the shoot!

The bulls!

Sawyer was fascinated with the bulls

We had so much fun spending the day with the Andersons at the rodeo. We are so excited for the next one. Maybe we have future bull rider on our hands.....

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