Tuesday, May 5, 2009

A weekend with the cousins

Last weekend Sawyer and I went to Salt Lake. Haley and the kids flew from Cleveland to see Katie's new baby, so we met up with them. We had such a wonderful time. On Sunday there was a point in the day where all 16 grandchildren where at grandma Taunnie's house. It was CRAZY!!!!! We were all so excited that they could come into town. We miss them so much. Mitch is taller than everyone and he's only 10, Ali is a sweet heart as always. Haley is doing great and busy with her photography class and being a nanny. It was so great to see them. We will be out to visit next month. We love you!
Here are a few cousins playingAli is such a sweet heart. Sawyer misses you!!!Sawyer, Ali, Olivia, Kennedy and GraceAt the Grub with Heather and the kids

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