Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Cleveland update

Today was a day that was supposed to be full of sports. Mitch had basketball for 2 hrs, then both Mitch and Ali had baseball games in the evening. We couldn't go into the city so we played around the house. This morning we took all the kids for a walk. I pulled the wagon with Riley in it (Haley nannies 3 kids). Hillary had Davis, Ali had Sawyer and Haley had Addison and Aiden. Sawyer was so funny, we were walking in a line and he kept saying Choo Choo!
When Mark and I came last year to visit we fell in love with Mitchell's Ice Cream. Tonight after dinner we stopped in for a snack. It was so YUMMY! We had mint brownie yogurt.

Haley took this cute picture of Sawyer laying in the chair

Haley and I just hanging out!I do have more pictures of today but they are on my phone. When I figure out how to post them I will put them on. Tomorrow we are headed to the Zoo. I can't wait! Sawyer loved it the last time. Now that he is older I'm sure he will love it even more. We love you Daddy!!!

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Nick and Natalie said...

what a cute picture of you and Haley! Have fun at the zoo!