Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Lunch in the park

The city of Pocatello has a summer program for all children 18 and under. It's called Lunch in the park. Every weekday they give FREE lunch to the kids. It's really quite amazing! Each child receives milk, juice, fruit, a snack and their choice of a ham and turkey sandwich or a hot item. Today it was a corn dog, yesterday it was a chicken sandwich. The school district puts it on to make sure the children are getting fed , and receiving proper nutrition over the summer. It's set up at all the major parks. Today we met up with Jennifer (Schrade) and the kids to have lunch and play. Sawyer LOVES these girls!!! Emma is one of the team girls at the gym. She is always looking out for him. Ella wasn't with us today, she was with her dad in Burley. Eva is just a little older than Sawyer and they love to play. I'm pretty sure he has a secret crush on her. If you could see some of the looks he gives her, you would know he thinks she's a hottie!!!

Aren't these girls beautiful!!! Emma is such a great big sister and wonderful friend to Sawyer. They all look so sweet! Emma, Eva and Sawyer.
Eva and Sawyer getting ready to slide down together. She was so cute, she waited for Sawyer to climb back up to meet her, she scooted over to make a space just for him.
Round and round they go! They just followed each other up to the slide over and over again.
See what I mean about the LOOK!!! I think she might like him as well...

Beautiful Eva

We had so much fun playing today. Thank you Jennifer for bringing the kids to meet us for Lunch in the park. Next time we will make sure Ella is there.

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