Monday, June 8, 2009


So I explained to you in my last post that Sawyer has no fear at all. Well today he decided to go into the pit backwards!!! It was so funny! Then he decided to jump off the mats behind the ramp. Its a big jump for a little guy. I will put the video on soon. Enjoy!

This is just a fun video of Sawyer in gym class on the tramps.

Sawyer and I fell to sleep last night talking to each other. He is truly the most precious boy! We love him so much. Mark took this picture while we were sleeping. I saw it this morning as I was uploading the videos. Thank you honey for capturing this precious moment. We love you!


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The picture of the two of you is SO sweet! I love all the updating! I guess I should start keeping up too! By the way, your haircut looks so great!