Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Ross Park!

Since the weather decided to become Spring and very BEAUTIFUL, Sawyer has spent many days at the park. Pocatello has tons of great parks hidden in all different neighborhoods. One place we love is Ross Park. It seems to be a local favorite summer place. The Zoo is there, they have a swimming pool with slides and a children's section, live music on select nights, and a great playground. Sawyer loves it!!!! We spent a couple hours just at the park one afternoon. We had so much fun watching him climb up to all the different slides. I must say this kid has NO FEAR!!!




That night Sawyer was exhausted! Not only did he play hard at the park but he also had gymnastics class. He couldn't keep his little eyes open! We put him in his chair for dinner, he did airplane to his mouth like always, talked to us a little, and before we new it.... he was out! Just like his mommy did when she was little. Sleeping at the table in the highchair. He is so precious!!!

It looks like he's laughing but he's sound asleep!

One random thought! Thank you to everyone who looks at our blog. Hopefully you find yourself smiling at our blog as much as we do!!!

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Sarah said...

That is awesome! I love how he fell asleep!! What a great boy. He is so loved