Thursday, June 18, 2009

A busy day

This morning Sawyer woke up and immediately started practicing his skateboard tricks. It is so funny! We can't seem to get this board out of his hands. He drags it around the house and when he can't find it he searches for it. Here he is practicing!

Then we headed to the Cleveland Zoo. Mark and I took Sawyer last year with Haley and Ali. This year the Gorilla's were more photogenic.

Here are Mitch and Davis in front of the Gorilla's. Sawyer and I in front of the Gorilla's. At least you can see one of the Gorilla's!Hillary pushing Ali and Davis up the hill. Sawyer is running up the hill in the background.

Hillary, Davis, Me and Sawyer at the Giraffe's. As you can see the boys couldn't keep their eyes off of them!

Aren't the boys so PRECIOUS! They sat together all day making the cutest facial expressions at the animals. For a long time they kept giving hugs to each other. Haley has some great photos of them.
We definitely got our exercise pushing these strollers up the monster hill. I could do that everyday!
Davis walking in the front gate!

Mitch and Sawyer make a dash for the animals!
After the zoo it was time for Mitch's baseball game. He is AWESOME! Sawyer and Davis sat by the fence and cheered him on. GO MITCH!
Ali taking care of the boys. She is such a great cousin. Thanks Ali!

We had a very busy day today but had so much fun. I can't wait to see what great pictures Haley has to post. We love you daddy and can't wait to see you tomorrow.

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Jessica Kettle said...

hey kim! sawyer is getting so big- he's adorable! next time you're in salt lake let me know, we should get lunch or something. also, i don't have your number anymore- i recently deleted all my contacts on accident! i got a text a while ago that was maybe from you..? i couldn't quite figure it out. anyway, talk to you soon!