Thursday, July 30, 2009


Sawyer and Daddy on the beach!


Jr digging away

Beautiful Caroline

Jason and Davis

Mommy and Sawyer

Grandma, Brooke and Sawyer

Last week we headed to Newport Beach for the Scharman Family vacation. Growing up we went to Newport every summer. Tom used to take us and we all looked forward to it. After he died the tradition stopped for a while. This year we headed back, but now there are a ton more kids! It is major chaos! But that's what makes it so fun!

Everyday Sawyer would either eat the sand, dump it on his head, try doing forward rolls or lick the salt water off the shovel. Evening tubs were a blast!

Hugs all around! Thanks HunterIsn't Brooke sweet!!!Sawyer and Jr... Watch out Jr!

A few more pictures!
Sawyer doesn't only love skateboards, it looks like he might also be a surfer!

Sleepy boy! .This is how Sawyer napped everyday, 2 hour naps outside!

Sawyer, Chase, and Hunter

Grace would let Sawyer rub sand into her back everyday. Maybe it's just me but I hate it when sand is sticking to me. Grace must really love Sawyer.

Grace is such a sweetheart!

Almost done!

Grandma and SawyerGrace and SawyerMica watching the kids play in the waves!
This vacation was so much fun! Hopefully next year Mark will be able to stay longer. It's just not the same without you! Haley and B better bring the kids as well. Thanks mom for arranging such an awesome vacation. We love you! ( we did go to Disneyland, I will blog that tomorrow).


Haley said...

wish we could have come

Sarah said...

That looks like a blast! Can't wait to see the Disney post!

Haley said...

someone loves the sand!!!!! love you Ali