Thursday, July 9, 2009

My first homemade Bread

So, my friend Jennifer was kind enough to give me some raw wheat that she ground. I keep telling her that I need to start doing more domestic things. For anyone who knows Jennifer, she is pretty much good at everything she does and has many great talents. She makes bows, she embroiders, she has a garden, she cans, jams, does great hair (she has 3 beautiful girls), and the list goes on. When she gave me the wheat I was really excited. Now I have never made wheat bread on my own. I have watched and helped my mom with the best homemade rolls ever.... My mom's rolls are the BEST! Ask anyone. Hoping that my mom's bread making was passed on to me, I gave it my best shot. Two wheat loaves that turned out pretty good for my first time. I had to take a picture.


Haley said...

yum!!! i love homeade bread!!!

Sarah said...

Those do look pretty good, nice job! Did they taste just as good? You are so right, your mom's rolls are THE BEST!