Friday, July 10, 2009

The Park

On Wed I was planning on flying to SLC to take my mom to lunch for her birthday. My sisters had a BBQ for her on Monday but I couldn't be there. We had planned lunch so Sawyer and I could be there for some celebrating. Unfortunately, we were listed for the 6:30am flight. At 7:15am I looked at the clock in disbelief, we slept through the flight! I don't even remember turning off the alarm. The next flight at 9:20am, I couldn't get on. The next flight after that doesn't leave until 2:50pm. Bummer! I felt so bad that I missed all the celebrating. Please forgive me mom! We love you so much and hope you had a wonderful birthday. We will be down next Wed for sure. I will set two alarms next time!
Since we weren't in SLC Mark and I took Sawyer to lunch in the park. Wed is corn dogs. Sawyers favorite!
Sawyer loves the slides!

Look at his hair! Yes I said hair. His hair is finally starting to come in.
For the rest of the day, I strolled Sawyer around town. We walked all over the place, then went to Revive at 5. That's the concert in the park every Wed during the summer. We ended up having a good day but sure missed seeing Grandma and the cousins. See you next week!

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Haley said...

i miss that little face!!!!