Friday, July 3, 2009

Swimming at Ross Park

On Wednesday, Jennifer and I decided to take the kids to Ross Park to go swimming. Sawyer and I had never been there before. It was so much fun! They have a huge baby pool with a playground in the middle. There's a small slide, tons of steering wheels that turn water on and off, and a bunch of other fun things for the little ones. Sawyer wasn't sure what he thought at first. We floated in the lazy river for a while. After that we couldn't get Sawyer out of the water. He loved it! I guess our little dare devil felt his first feeling of fear. The only problem is the fear only lasted a few minutes. Water is a scary place for kids with no fear. I guess it's time to start swimming lessons!
Ella and Emma Emma is like a big sister to Sawyer. Thanks Emma!Here is Eva looking like a tropical fish!Sawyer and the girls. Now what boy doesn't love being surrounded by 3 beautiful girls!

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Haley said...

he's so cute!!! we miss you guys so much!!! can't wait to see you!!