Saturday, August 29, 2009

Our Trip to Cleveland and Minneapolis

Well what can I say but this last week was a BLAST!!! The gym always closes before fall classes start, so we decided to pack our bags and start an adventure. We had two major destinations in mind, Cleveland to see Haley and the fam then to Minneapolis to visit Jake. The direct flight from SLC to CLE stops during the winter so we had to fly through Denver. Unfortunately we missed our connection and were stranded in Denver! No flights later to Cleveland or SLC so we started walking back to Delta. I turned to Mark and said, "look at all these flights, choose one and lets see if we can get on"! These are the perks of working for an airline. We passed a gate that was headed to MSP(Minneapolis). Mark talked to the gate agent and before I knew it, we were headed to MSP. She put us on the flight with 3 minutes to spare! Thanks to the United agent who helped us. We ended up spending the night in MSP and catching an early flight to CLE. We made it just in time to rest for an hour then get ready for the Indians game. We had 3 goals for our adventure. Catch an Indians game, go to Cedar Point amusement park, and go to a Twins game. We had so much fun at the game. I do have more pictures on my phone. I will add them later. Enjoy!Haley and Sawyer watching the game. Me and AliJust before we entered the stadium
Mitch and Sawyer. Mitch was so good to Sawyer. I think he walked the stadium stairs 20 times just because Sawyer thought it was fun.

Sawyer, Mitch and Ali. Sawyer had so much fun playing with you guys. Hopefully we can come visit again soon.

I don't have my pictures from Cedar Point yet but we did go. It was the best Amusement park I have ever been to! The rides are AMAZING! If you love rides like we do, go to there website and take the virtual rides..

Then we headed off to Minneapolis to see Jake. We spent a little time at the gym where Jake works. It was fantastic! The next morning we headed to Mall of America. We didn't even go in any stores! Can you believe it? What we did do is take Sawyer to Lego Land and to ride the rides. He loved it! Jake is an amazing brother to Sawyer. They really do have a tremendous bond. They made Lego cars together and had races. Jake taught Sawyer how to build the cars. It was awesome! Sawyer was able to ride about 7 rides as long as someone went with him. He loves rides as much as his mom and dad do. After the Mall we headed back to Jake's to pick up Carolyn to head to the Twins game. Yes we did it! We hit all 3 of our goals! Two major league ball games and the number one amusement park. Not to mention wonderful family members to spend quality time with.

In front of Mall of America

Lego land!

Riding the rides with mommy!

Jake and Sawyer in Lego land. Thanks Jake for being such a great big brother!

Jake showing Sawyer how to fix the broken Lego race car they built.

Playing in the hammock on Jake's balcony.

This was Sawyer's first time on a train. He loved it! We were right in front and he kept saying "Choo Choo"!

The boys getting ready to walk into the Twins game.Jake, Sawyer and Carolyn at the game.

Thank you everyone for making this such a wonderful vacation. Haley, thank you for the wonderful talk and for spending quality time with me. Its always nice to sit with your sister and talk for hours, watch movies together and let the kids play. Mark and I both thank you and appreciate you having us. We had a blast! Jake and Carolyn we loved spending time with you as well. Sawyer has such a great connection with you Jake. We wish that you were closer. We will try to come visit you again soon. We love watching you two interact and its always nice when dad and sons get together. Thank you both for being such great hosts.

We love you all and hope to make the CLE, MSP sweep again soon. It has been a BLAST!!!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Bailey's Birthday Bash!!!

Last Friday we were lucky enough to have Bailey bring up a couple friends to celebrate her birthday at the gym. She asked Mark and I a month ago if she could have a party here. Of course we said yes! We always love it when family comes up to visit and play. Bailey turned 12 and is headed to Jr. High. CRAZY!!! Thanks Bailey for bringing up your friends. Happy Birthday!!!

Bailey is on the left with a few of her sweet friends!Adri (last girl on the right) is one of our team girls. She was immediate friends with Bailey and her friends. I loved watching them play together. Maybe I'm no longer mean coach Kim but cool Aunt Kimmy!!! Sliding down the ramps is always a hit!

Everyone loves the zip line! The girls were able to get spinning all the the way down. This video doesn't show the best ride. We moved the mats back so they had a longer ride. I wish I had a better video. It was awesome!

Thank you Bailey for having your party up here. Thank you Mica for driving them up. Anyone is welcome to come play at the gym anytime.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Taco Tuesday

While we were in California, Haley and the kids flew into town for a couple of weeks. We visited them in Cleveland a month ago but it's always a party when they come to SLC. We didn't get to spend much time with them but Sawyer and I flew down on Tuesday afternoon and spent the night. Apparently, every Tuesday night is Taco Tuesday at the McDonald's house. The kids swim, tacos are served and everyone hangs out. It's really quite fun! Not only was it Taco Tuesday, it was Bailey's birthday and Haley and the kids last night. It was a serious get together!

Sawyer was posing for Holli!

All the kids but Sawyer

Haley feeding Sawyer ice cream

Getting all the sister's together doesn't happen very often. Hopefully someone took a good picture. I sure didn't!!!

Haley and I

McKinnley teaching Sawyer how to long board. Sawyer loves "buddy" they played the entire night.

Aunt Gerry is the best!!!

Bailey celebrating one more year!

Mitchy Mitch! We love this handsome boy!!!

Grace, Caroline, Ali and Olivia dancing to the Beach Boys!

Boys will be boys! Skateboard, football, soccer ball, basketball. What more can they ask for!

Davis, Mitch, Anthony, Sawyer, Olivia and McKinnley

Sexy girls! (Caroline and Ali)

Well everyone seemed to enjoy the evening. Happy Birthday to Bailey! Thank you McDonald's for having everyone over. Haley, Mich and Ali we love you so much! Thank you for coming into town. Mark, Sawyer and I will visit again soon.