Friday, August 14, 2009

Bailey's Birthday Bash!!!

Last Friday we were lucky enough to have Bailey bring up a couple friends to celebrate her birthday at the gym. She asked Mark and I a month ago if she could have a party here. Of course we said yes! We always love it when family comes up to visit and play. Bailey turned 12 and is headed to Jr. High. CRAZY!!! Thanks Bailey for bringing up your friends. Happy Birthday!!!

Bailey is on the left with a few of her sweet friends!Adri (last girl on the right) is one of our team girls. She was immediate friends with Bailey and her friends. I loved watching them play together. Maybe I'm no longer mean coach Kim but cool Aunt Kimmy!!! Sliding down the ramps is always a hit!

Everyone loves the zip line! The girls were able to get spinning all the the way down. This video doesn't show the best ride. We moved the mats back so they had a longer ride. I wish I had a better video. It was awesome!

Thank you Bailey for having your party up here. Thank you Mica for driving them up. Anyone is welcome to come play at the gym anytime.

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Haley said...

looks like fun!!! i wanna do that zip line!!!!