Thursday, August 6, 2009

Taco Tuesday

While we were in California, Haley and the kids flew into town for a couple of weeks. We visited them in Cleveland a month ago but it's always a party when they come to SLC. We didn't get to spend much time with them but Sawyer and I flew down on Tuesday afternoon and spent the night. Apparently, every Tuesday night is Taco Tuesday at the McDonald's house. The kids swim, tacos are served and everyone hangs out. It's really quite fun! Not only was it Taco Tuesday, it was Bailey's birthday and Haley and the kids last night. It was a serious get together!

Sawyer was posing for Holli!

All the kids but Sawyer

Haley feeding Sawyer ice cream

Getting all the sister's together doesn't happen very often. Hopefully someone took a good picture. I sure didn't!!!

Haley and I

McKinnley teaching Sawyer how to long board. Sawyer loves "buddy" they played the entire night.

Aunt Gerry is the best!!!

Bailey celebrating one more year!

Mitchy Mitch! We love this handsome boy!!!

Grace, Caroline, Ali and Olivia dancing to the Beach Boys!

Boys will be boys! Skateboard, football, soccer ball, basketball. What more can they ask for!

Davis, Mitch, Anthony, Sawyer, Olivia and McKinnley

Sexy girls! (Caroline and Ali)

Well everyone seemed to enjoy the evening. Happy Birthday to Bailey! Thank you McDonald's for having everyone over. Haley, Mich and Ali we love you so much! Thank you for coming into town. Mark, Sawyer and I will visit again soon.

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Haley said...

we miss you guys already!!!!