Sunday, September 20, 2009

Kenzie came to Pocatello

McKenzie, the oldest of my nieces came up to Pocatello last weekend. She is 17, goes to Highland High in SLC and is such a sweetheart. Highland from SLC had a football game against Highland in Pocatello. Funny right! Both schools are RAMS and have the same colors. I must say I think Pocatello copied SLC or maybe I'm just bias... Well, Poky won the game in the last 7 seconds. Kenzie and her friends said they had a great time. The fun didn't end there. Kenzie brought some of the boys to the gym for a while. They had the gym to themselves and seemed to enjoy it. Kenzie rode the ramps and showed the boys how it was done. She was the only one who tried. Crazy boys!!! Anyway, they seemed to have a good time. We loved having them come up. I always love it when I get to hang out with my nieces and nephews one on one. It's like being a kid again. Thanks Kenzie for coming up. I'm glad the game was fun and hopefully you had fun at the gym. Sawyer loved playing as always. You know you can fly for free. It's only a 36 minute flight you should come up more often even just for the day. We love you!

Kenzie and Sawyer laughing on the ramp.

Kenzie and the boys. Lucky boys!!!
Nice straddle jump! Dork!!

She will kill me for this one. I think it's cute. The boys were laughing at her for taking pictures with her helmet on. Safety first! I thought it was sweet. We took a few rides down the ramps together. It's really quite fun. Thanks for playing!!!
Come up anytime. Bring friends or just come to hang out with us. Your welcome anytime!

The following Wed we headed to SLC. The highlight of the day must have been walking to the school to pick up Grace. Sawyer loves her so much! When we got back to grandma's it was time to make cupcakes. Grace's loves to make cupcakes. She showed the boys how to do it.

Papa's Birthday

A few days ago (Sept 10) was Papa Brent's Birthday. Happy Birthday Papa!!! Jan had everyone meet dad for dinner at Cowboy Grub. It was great! We all put pictures together and sent them to Haley. She made a CD with all the pictures telling a story about dad and his family. I think he enjoyed it. Haley did a great job getting it all put together. Thanks Haley. Dad we love you and hope you had a wonderful birthday. (Sawyer is watching me do this post, he is yelling Papa, Papa, and pointing to the computer).

Papa and Sawyer
Holli, Hillary, Davis and Kennedy at the Grub

Aunt Nancy, Mike, Me and Sawyer. We don't get to see Aunt Nancy and Mike very often but we love them so much and enjoy spending time with them.

Aunt Gerry and I. We love you!!!

Well unfortunately my camera died before I could get many pictures. This is all I took. Bummer!!! We all had such a wonderful time celebrating dad's birthday. We love you dad and hope you had a wonderful day.