Sunday, October 18, 2009

Happy 2nd Birthday Sawyer!!!


Can you believe it! Sawyer turned 2 on October 10th. CRAZY!!! Two years of complete bliss. Sawyer is truly an amazing boy. I can honestly say he brings total happiness to my life. Waking up to his sweet voice call for mommy (sometimes daddy but mostly mommy), the gentle morning hug that expresses pure love, and the daily smile and laugh that makes everyone melt. I can't imagine my life without him. Sawyer I love you so much! Mommy and Daddy think you are the BEST!

Daddy and Sawyer before we headed to the gym for the birthday bash!

Mommy (looking scary) and SawyerWe decided to have his birthday party at the gym again. We feel like it's a great way for everyone to come hang out at the gym and let the kids run free. There ended up being about 40 people at the party. We had family drive up from SLC and friends from the gym and airport. It was great! Sawyer seemed a little shy which is out of character but for the most part enjoyed his celebration. There are quite a few photos, none that are fabulous but you get the idea. Unfortunately my battery died so I didn't get pictures of everyone. I'm really sorry! Thank you everyone for coming.

Here is Miranda, Todd, Kainoah, Landen and Mark.Hillary, Davis, Grandma and Sawyer. Davis and Sawyer are giving loves!
Kainoah and Sawyer playing.

Grace, Jr and Davis who knows what they were up to....

Keaghan and Sawyer

Todd, Miranda, Jennifer, Chris, Emma

Story time. Thanks Grandpa Brent and Grandma Jan. We love books.

A few of the kiddo's helping Sawyer open presents.

My friend Sabrina from the airport brought her little girl Kylie. Isn't she cute. She stayed on the tramp the entire time.

Cars, cars, and more cars.

The alphabet puzzle from Jr, and Grace.

His cake had a skateboarder on it. It was perfect! Thanks Costco.

Birthday boys! This is Sawyer's buddy Kyler. They were both born on Oct. 1oth, same hospital but Sawyer is 2 hours older. Best buddies!

Adri and Sawyer

Heidi and Aunt Gerry

Thanks to everyone who came to celebrate Sawyer's birthday. We had so much fun! Hopefully everyone had a good time.

Wait a minute, does this mean the terrible two's are going to start! I'll keep you posted!

First snow for the season!!!

Well what can I say but this last month was not my best blog month. I guess you could say I took the month off. Sorry for anyone who enjoys seeing what we are up to. Here is an update. Enjoy!!!

One our Wed visit to SLC (a couple weeks ago) it snowed for the first time this season. Lucky for Sawyer he was playing with his cousins. Grace, McKinnley, and Sawyer played outside for a while. It's the best when it snows but stays warm outside. McKinnley was teaching Sawyer how to ride his long board. Funny right! Riding a long board while its snowing.... Sawyer loved feeling the snow flakes as they landed on his hands.

Sammy always finds his way to Grandma's house. I'm pretty sure he followed McKinnley up. Isn't this a sweet picture of Grace with the dog. I love it!

McKinnley and Sawyer playing the piano. They were singing the ABC's.

I must say I'm not ready for winter. Although I'm pretty sure Sawyer is going to love sledding in Grandpa's backyard.