Saturday, November 7, 2009

A day with Riley and Parker!

Once you get behind on your blog it seems your always behind... Well, here is my attempt to get caught up.
My friend from the airport (Dylan) has two beautiful girls. Riley and Parker. Riley is the older sister she is 5 (I think), Parker is about 17 months. A little younger than Sawyer. Dylan finally asked us to come over and play with the kids. Sawyer and Parker played so well together. They had so much fun. Riley was really excited about her new kitten. She is one funny girl! Might I add she is all girl! She loves princesses, makeup, singing etc. She showed me everything she had and sang me a song. She isn't shy at all. Sawyer and Parker played with toys and surprisingly did a good job with sharing. It was great!!!! We all loved it and hopefully Sawyer will get to play with these beautiful girls again soon.Isn't Parker so beautiful? I love this pictures!
Sawyer was to busy playing with new toys to look at the camera. Riley and Parker were up for the shot!
Thanks again Dylan for having us over. We need to let the kiddo's play again.

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