Friday, November 20, 2009

Happy 30th Birthday!!!

I can't believe it actually happened. I turned 30!!!! SCARY!!! I'm pretty sure that turning 30 has not been good to me. My metabolism seems to have shut down which is a major bummer. I'm getting wrinkles, the gymnastics class I take seems to be taking its toll on my joints. It seems like I'm just shutting down. Did this happen to anyone else or just me? Maybe I'm going through a mid life crises or something. Lets just face it, we all get older and some of the changes aren't that glamorous. What can you do...

I had a fantastic birthday this year. Mark and I had planned to go to Jackson Hole to celebrate, our plans changed when Hillary and Jason asked if they could come up to celebrate. What better way to spend your birthday than hanging out with family and friends. We were so excited that they wanted to come up. My day started out cleaning the gym. Fun right! Hillary and Jason had planned on arriving in Pocatello around 2pm so the kids could play between scheduled parties. They ended up getting a late start so Mark and I headed home to get ready for guests. While we were home the Schrades stopped by with a birthday gift. They are way to good to me. Thank you! It was really nice just hanging out talking and letting the kids play. They stayed for a couple hours, in the mean time Hillary and Jason arrived. The party was underway and Mark had started grilling the steaks. For anyone who doesn't already know Mark grills a mean steak. The best I've ever had. Thank you honey for a fabulous dinner! Don stopped by to celebrate as well. He ended up staying most of the night. I just really enjoyed hanging out with everyone, nothing to elaborate just enjoyed each others company, ate great food and let the kids play. Thank you everyone for making my birthday one to remember.

We did end up taking the kids to the gym before we drove to SLC. It was so much fun! Hillary and I took Davis and Sawyer down the ramps. They make great slides!

Who doesn't love jumping on the tramp. As you can see Jason was practicing his boarding skills. The boys were bouncing away. Davis loves the tramp! It's so much fun watching kids jump on the tramp. I didn't think Davis was ever going to get off!

Eva, Sawyer and Ella riding Thomas at the birthday bash!

Sawyer and Davis had their first sleepover. Isn't this an awesome set up? Sawyer has his elephant and tigger, Davis has his 3 guys, his blanked and 3 pillows. He is to funny! Look at what Sawyer is doing. Playing with his ears just like McKinnley.

Don't be to weirded out. We don't have a tub so the boys took a shower together. It was so funny! They loved playing in the shower almost as much as in the tubbie.

Davis playing on the pool table. This is a major "no no" but what can you do when 2 boys that love to climb are together.

Sawyer is one lucky boy! Playing with Emma, Ella, and Eva.

Hillary and Jason thank you so much for coming to Pocatello to celebrate my birthday. It means so much to both Mark and I. Sawyer loves playing with Davis, we love watching them together. They are the best of friends. Jennifer thank you so much for being such an awesome friend. It is so nice having someone to hang out with and talk to, not to mention girls that Sawyer never stops talking about. Your family has been so good to us. Thank you! Don it was really nice of you to come celebrate with us. Thank you as well.

One last birthday comment, to my twin(Katie). Happy Birthday!!! I want you to know how much I love you. I think about you all the time. We have been through some tough times these past couple years but I want you to know how much I love you. I couldn't have asked for a more special twin. You mean so much to me. I love you and hope you had a wonderful birthday!

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