Friday, November 20, 2009

Play date!!!

Since I moved up to Pocatello my social life has been in a rut. I have a couple friends up here but I spend most of my time working. It feels like I'm either at the gym, or at the airport everyday. Thank heavens for Wednesday's!!! That's my day off both jobs. Mark still has to work so Sawyer and I fly to SLC as you already know. This week I did something different. I arranged a play date with a couple of my old teammates Kirra and Jessica. Kirra is living in Orem, her husband is a professor at BYU. She has 3 children, Sid, Sarah, and Max. Jessica lives in Bountiful, she is a Photographer, and her husband is in the Real Estate business. She also has a boy named Max. Sawyer and I flew down to SLC and the girls meet us at Sugarhouse Park. It was a blast!!! We didn't realize how close in age our boys are. The boys are 2 and 3, Sarah is 5. She was like the big sister looking out for the boys. She's a total sweetheart. Both Kirra and Jessica seem to be doing well. I don't know about them but I had so much fun catching up and letting the boys play. We did have a funny conversation, we started talking about husbands. All three husbands couldn't believe we were getting together. It was like we didn't have any friends, none of us ever go out, they were so proud of us for having a play date. I found it hilarious! We do plan on getting together again soon. This time meeting in Provo, apparently there is a great pizza place. I can't wait for the next play date. Thank you both for getting together. Your kids are awesome! Sawyer looks at the pictures and calls them by name. I love it! We both had so much fun.
Here we are, Sawyer and I, Jessica and Max, Kirra, Max and Sarah.
I'm looking scary but Jess and Kirra look great! Great times and great memories!

Sawyer holding onto Max like a train.

All 3 boys playing in the trees. Aren't they adorable!

Jessica's little guy Max

Kirra's Max and Sarah (she has one more in school Sid).

I love this picture of Max

Max and Sawyer swinging

The kids playing in the wood chips. They played so well together. It was fun just watching them follow each other around.

The boys!

Kirra and Sarah playing together. Kirra is just a sweet as she has always been. Here warm, loving personality has definitely been sent down to her kids.

I just loved this picture of Sawyer throwing the wood chips.

Kirra and Jessica you are the best! Thank you so much for getting together. Sawyer and I had so much. Fitting us into your busy schedules means so much. I don't think either of you know how much we really appreciate it. Lets set up our next play date soon. Thanks again!!!


Sarah said...

How fun to see you guys getting together! I am completely jealous!!! I would love to join in on one of those playdates :)

Love you!

sydsstory said...

I had a blast too!! Yeah for friends! Time to plan the next one!

The Pettiette's said...

Look at Kirra with her long hair and you with yours short! Awww wish I could see ya'll! I havent been blogging or keeping up iwth blogs lately. I felt like christmas was crazy and then Ryder and Jackson have bdays right after so it just keeps going on and on....I would still love for ya'll to visit anytime! Tell Mark hello for me and talk to you soon.