Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Thanksgiving in Cleveland

I will just do a quick comment on our Thanksgiving trip to Cleveland. We always have so much fun visiting Haley, Brandon and kids so when they invited us out for Thanksgiving we were so excited. My mom and I flew out on Tuesday morning we managed to get there on the first flight. When flying standby you never know whats going to happen. Mark flew out on Thursday morning, his journey wasn't quit as smooth. He was flying from Salt Lake to Minneapolis, than Minneapolis to Cleveland. He got stuck in Minneapolis which was a real bummer. He ended up flying into Detroit then to Akron where we picked him up. He was supposed to get in at 12:00pm but ended up getting in around 5:00pm. What a day! We waited for him to get there before we had dinner. It was a wonderful trip! We all had so much fun and always love spending time in Cleveland.

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Sarah said...

That looks like a great trip! Bummer about all the flight situations, but glad you were able to enjoy time out there.
I am in love with that black and white picture of Sawyer! He is so handsome! :)