Friday, December 31, 2010

Christmas 2010

We always feel like Christmas is busy but this year it was really busy! We started out by visiting Grandma Connie and Grandpa Gill in St. George. It's always nice to spend a weekend away from the cold and with family. Sawyer loves his grandma Connie so much! He asks to go visit her all the time. Here they are in the St. George airport starting off the Holidays!!!While we were in St. George, we watched grandpa Gill sing in the choir. It's actually a smaller version of the Tabernacle Choir. It was a fantastic performance. A great way to feel the joys of the holidays.We flew back to Pocatello for a couple days and the team girls had their Christmas Party. They always love doing secret Santa, although it never stays a secret. Here they are with the Christmas socks from Evelyn. Merry Christmas girls!We headed off to Cleveland to spend Christmas with Haley, Brandon and the kids. We were really looking forward to getting out of town. We love visiting Haley and the family. We spent all day on Thursday Dec. 23 in the airport. We started our journey at 5:30am and arrived in Detroit around 11:00pm. At that point we had missed all connecting flights into Cleveland. We spent the night in a hotel. Haley and Ali drove to Detroit to pick us up in the morning. Most of you would think this to be a burden or horrible travel story but we loved it! Sawyer is a real trooper! He was a gem all day long. The hotel was amazing! It was connected to the airport and had a great rate. We love the adventure! It just adds to the holiday experience. Here, Mark and Sawyer stand in front of the hotel Christmas tree. The restaurant was closed and the hotel wouldn't let us into the bar for dinner so they brought dinner to us outside of the bar. They were awesome!Once we made it to Cleveland, we did some major shopping, played games, and enjoyed visiting with family. Ali and Sawyer decided to make Reindeer food for Santa's reindeer. Ali was able to find the actual recipe online. Crazy!The two of them spread the food all over the front and back yard. How fun is this! The best part of all was about 10 minutes after the food was out, a family of deer came through the yard. It was hilarious watching the kids stand to the window watching them eat the food. Of course Santa's reindeer would love it!!!As always on Christmas Eve, the kids get to open one gift. The Christmas jammies of course. Sawyer wanted to open more than one but he loved his jammies.How sweet are these two!
Sawyer loves his new jammies. He decided to wear the green jammies next to him for the night.

All the kids in their Christmas jammies. (sorry it's so dark)

I took this picture after Santa had arrived before the kids woke up. Isn't the tree beautiful!

Christmas morning!!!!! This Christmas was so much fun! Sawyer is just old enough to understand Santa. The only gift he asked for was a "truck". Santa wanted to get him a big truck but thought it would be hard to get home. I get so much joy out of watching the kids open their presents. Seeing them smile from ear to ear, tying to guess what the next present is and the excitement of the stocking. I know Christmas isn't all about presents but it sure is a fun addition to the Birth of Christ.

I love how sweet Sawyer looks in this picture. He sat like that for a couple minutes just watching Ali and Mitch open their presents. He sure does love those two.

Sawyer in action! Opening one of his many gifts.

All of the kids in the zone!

Ali was such a great helper with Sawyer. She helped him open the presents he couldn't get open. She was good to him for the entire trip as was Mitch. These two are the sweetest kids. Haley and Brandon have raised two amazing kids.

Another present.

The gifts just keep on coming!

Finally, Sawyer gets just what he asked for, "the truck"! It wasn't as big as Santa had hoped but Sawyer was so excited! He was so excited that Santa gave him the one thing he asked for. Thank you Santa!

How funny does he look here. This is the ultimate Christmas picture. One of my favorites!

What a great shot of everyone. Everyone had such a great time hanging out. It was way mellow and great company. We always love staying with Haley and Brandon.

Sawyer opened his Mobigo. He wasn't sure what it was but as soon as we took it out of the box, he was all over it.

He got more animals to build a big farm. If you look close,, you can see he is setting them up all in the same direction.

Haley's family gave Sawyer this Superman lunch box with superman DVDs inside. He takes it everywhere! He fills it up with his animals. It makes me laugh!

It was finally time to play with his truck. It's a remote control truck. Just what he wanted!

Once all the presents were opened and Christmas breakfast was over, we all decided it was time to play and exercise. Ali and Sawyer played the new art game on the Wii, while Haley took her turn on the treadmill.

Mitch and Mark played pool. They both love pool which makes for a great afternoon activity.

That was our Christmas in Cleveland. It was AWESOME! We had such a wonderful time. It was a quick trip but perfect. Thank you Haley and Brandon for spending the holiday with us. Your family is so warm and loving. We love you all so much! Thanks again!

We flew back to SLC to stay with grandma Taunnie for a couple days. Sawyer didn't know there were presents for him at grandma's house. When she brought them out, he was so excited. Jr and Davis were both over so they helped him open his presents. What great helpers. Look at the excitement in Sawyer's face. It's perfect!

Grandma helping the boys with the big present. Thank you grandma. We love you!

OK. This has to be the cutest picture of the three boys. Every time I look at it, I smile. They all look so happy. They really are best buddies and this picture shows it.

Once we were done playing at grandma's, we headed over to Aunt Gerry's. Every year she decorates her house to the extreme. She has done this for as long as I can remember. Her house always looks amazing. Gerry always goes way overboard with gifts on Christmas but I will say Sawyer loved every minute.

He got a new beach towel with a pirate ship on it. He really loves his own towels, so this one was perfect.

Aunt Gerry and Sawyer playing with the tools Gerry gave him. This was his favorite gift. He immediately started to fix everything in the house. It was hilarious. Thank you Gerry for all the wonderful gifts. We appreciate it so much. We love you!

What a great Christmas we had this year. We definitely traveled a ton but that is what we like to do. We spent time with so many important people in our lives. Thank you to everyone who let us stay at your houses and allowed us to be a part of your tradiditons. You are all welcome to come stay with us anytime. Merry Christmas to all! We love you!!!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Emma's Baptism

It was a special weekend at the Schrade's residence. Emma turned 8 and was getting Baptised. If you know Jennifer, you already know the girls looked perfect. Everything else went as smooth as you could hope for. I was so pleased when they invited our family to the baptism. I love this family so much and value their friendship more than they know. Thank you all so much for letting us be a part of this special occasion. Congratulations Emma for making such a good decision to be baptised.

Chris, Jennifer, Ella, Emma and Eva.

Sawyer and the girls. He definitely has it good!

What a great day! We went to lunch at Golden Corral after the Baptism. I love buffets! Emma was beaming and you could just see how excited she was to have been baptised. We love you Emma! Congratulations!

Sawyer's weekend with Beatle and Jason

Mark and I had to go to Boise for the weekend with a couple of staff members from the gym. We were all attending a compulsory routine clinic. We decide that we would have Hillary and Jason babysit since the boys always want to play. We didn't take many pictures of Boise but Hillary sent me some of the boys playing.

In this picture, the boys are making Witches Brew!

Sawyer loves the doggy towel! Thanks Davis for sharing!

Over the weekend SLC and Idaho had their first big snow storm. Thanks to Uncle Jason, the boys got to bundle up in snow clothes, build a snowman, and shovel walks. Looks like they all loved it! Thanks Jason!Silly boys in the tub! And of course the animals all lined up around the tub. I love it!

This is the one and only picture I have of Boise. Coach Kalani has a boyfriend that lives in Boise. He plays in a band so he was willing to bring over his guitar and play songs for us. He is awesome! We all really enjoyed the evening. Thanks you two!

We had a great time in Boise but missed our little guy so much. Thanks again Hillary and Jason for taking such good care of Sawyer. We know Sawyer had a great time. Hopefully Davis loved having his buddy over for a couple days. With the two of them together, I'm sure your hands were full. We can't thank you enough. It's our turn to watch Davis for a couple days. What do you say????

Happy Birthday Olivia

Sawyer was invited to his cousin Olivia's birthday party at Hollywood Connection. We were excited because we hadn't been to visit for a while, plus we love parties. It was all cousins but one friend. Everyone loved it! Happy Birthday Livie!!!
Playing miniature golf for the first time.

Sawyer loves Merry-Go-Rounds, especially when he rides them with his friends. I love how he is looking up. What a curious boy!

Grace and Aunt Holli. Everybody loves Aunt Holli!

Olivia was really excited for the ice cream and presents. I love this picture of Gerry, Olivia and Mia.

Thanks to my good friend Jennifer, Sawyer was able to give Olivia her own ballet bag and shirt. Olivia loved it! Thanks Jennifer for making such a great gift.

Beep, Beep, Sawyer and Davis driving the bus.

Yummy! Ice Cream!!!

All the kids eating pizza!

Grace, Caroline and Brooke.

Silly boys, Sawyer and Jr.

Caroline takes a tumble while roller skating. It cracks me up because she has only skated with Rollerblades. Am I old or what!!!

What an awesome party! Happy Happy Birthday Olivia! Thank you so much for inviting Sawyer. You are such a sweet girl and we always love playing with you. Hopefully your new ballet bag will come in handy. Love you!