Saturday, January 9, 2010

Christmas 2009

Christmas is always such a wonderful time of year. Family and friends getting together, good food, great talks and lots of happiness. This Christmas was so much fun. We spent the the night at Grandma's which is always exciting. I hope she enjoyed watching Sawyer, Grace and Jr Christmas morning as much as we did. The post starts at the end of the day and works toward Christmas Eve. Enjoy!

After the gift exchange at Grandmas we headed out to Miranda's house to visit. We had her take a family photo. What do you think? Here is Sawyer with his sisters Miranda, and Ariel. Landen is Miranda's little guy. What a beautiful family!

Miranda, Sawyer and their enormous dog!

Ariel, Landen and Mark.

After Gerry's we headed back to Grandma's for the kids gift exchange. Here is the group shot of all cousins together. It's really quit a group, don't you think?

Lily and Grace.

Mckinnley, Hunter and Sawyer.

Chase and all of his Dragons.

Kristen and Lily (Jason is in the background).
We headed to Aunt Gerry's around 12:30 to visit and open more gifts. Gerry always goes overboard, she a shop-a-holick. Besides presents we have lunch with Gerry. She makes the best potato salad, and hot fudge sundaes. Lets not forget her carmel popcorn!!!

Heather and Mica with the girls, Bailey and Brooke.

Mckenzie and Sawyer.

Sawyer and Jr playing with blocks.

Papa Brent and Grandma Jan.

Aunt Gerry and Sawyer. We love you!

Christmas morning! Sawyer is at such a fun age for Christmas. He loves everything about it, the trees, the lights, the snow, everything. This year he even enjoyed opening his presents. When he saw his four wheeler he went running. It was a big hit! Thanks Santa!!!

Grandma's beautiful Christmas Tree!Off he goes!!!His first four wheeler!He got a build your own skate park!Grandma gave him the Thomas the Train set up. When he opened it he started running in place he was so excited. I wish I had it on video. Grace was so excited to get the classic game Operation. Now who doesn't love that game!

Grandma giving Sawyer more trains. Yea!!!

Sawyers Easel was a hit!Opening presents with Grace and Jr.Part of the skate park.

Opening presents with dad. Jr is hiding.

Christmas Eve with Grandma. Grandma gave Sawyer his Christmas jammies that he absolutely loves. They have Reinder with skies on them. Thanks Grandma for the jammies and for letting us spend the holidays at your house. We love you!

Who doens't love a Grandma's love!

First time driving is always scary! The walls have definitly felt the pain!


This year we decide to head SLC for the holidays, but before we left we had our team girls Secret Santa Christmas party. We have a great bunch of girls training right now. The older girls are so sweet to the little girls. It's so nice to have a group of girls that all get along and look out for each other.

Here are the girls doing their gift exchange. This is Delphenia. She is one of our team girls. She speaks Chinese to Sawyer and he loves to play with her. The other day Sawyer was saying "Nehow" which in Chinese means hello. It was so funny! Sawyer is going to start learning Chinese in a couple of weeks. MaLing is going to teach him, and Mark is going teach her English. This should be fun!!! Delphenia gave Sawyer a basket full of cars, animals, planes everything he loves. Thank you Delphenia!

Eva and Sawyer opening a present. These two are so funny to watch play. They are best friends!!! Ella, Emma, and Eva gave Sawyer a motorcycle that he loves! He tries to ride it. Sawyer gave the girls lip stick and nail polish. Sorry Jenn!The building we live in had a pot luck. The food was amazing plus it was really nice meeting everyone who works in the building. We are the only apartment in the building. Here is Sawyer by the Christmas tree downstairs.

Doesn't he look sweet! How do you like his shirt? It's one of my favorites.

Fun activities up here in Pocatello. We headed for SLC on Christmas Eve morning. More pictures to come!