Saturday, January 9, 2010


This year we decide to head SLC for the holidays, but before we left we had our team girls Secret Santa Christmas party. We have a great bunch of girls training right now. The older girls are so sweet to the little girls. It's so nice to have a group of girls that all get along and look out for each other.

Here are the girls doing their gift exchange. This is Delphenia. She is one of our team girls. She speaks Chinese to Sawyer and he loves to play with her. The other day Sawyer was saying "Nehow" which in Chinese means hello. It was so funny! Sawyer is going to start learning Chinese in a couple of weeks. MaLing is going to teach him, and Mark is going teach her English. This should be fun!!! Delphenia gave Sawyer a basket full of cars, animals, planes everything he loves. Thank you Delphenia!

Eva and Sawyer opening a present. These two are so funny to watch play. They are best friends!!! Ella, Emma, and Eva gave Sawyer a motorcycle that he loves! He tries to ride it. Sawyer gave the girls lip stick and nail polish. Sorry Jenn!The building we live in had a pot luck. The food was amazing plus it was really nice meeting everyone who works in the building. We are the only apartment in the building. Here is Sawyer by the Christmas tree downstairs.

Doesn't he look sweet! How do you like his shirt? It's one of my favorites.

Fun activities up here in Pocatello. We headed for SLC on Christmas Eve morning. More pictures to come!

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Haley said...

that last pic is the best!!! i love it!!!