Monday, February 22, 2010

Happy Birthday Chase!!!


Earlier this month Heather called to invite Sawyer to Chase's Birthday party. I must say that was an exciting day. We decided not to fly down to SLC on our wed journey but save it for the Friday birthday bash at Fat Cats!!! Sawyer loves Chase so much. They play so well together. Chase teaches Sawyer all about dinosaurs, trains, cars and all the boy things. Here is a picture of some of the kids. Yes it was CRAZY but lots of fun!!!

Hunter was helping Sawyer bowl. They definitely have a connection! I love it!

Katie and Mia. Aren't they both beautiful!

Heidi and her kiddo's Jr and Grace.

Katie and her kiddo's Olivia and Mia.

Chase and Sawyer bowling together.

Olivia and Sawyer obviously smiling for another camera.

Grandma, Sawyer and Olivia.

Heather and Chase.

Does this look crazy or what!!! Kids everywhere!!! So much fun!!!

Sawyer must be praying for Hunter to bowl a STRIKE!!!

Andrew would watch his bowling ball from under the stand. It was so cute!

Cool boys! Hunter, Chase and Sawyer.

Sawyer giving Grace a kiss.

Brooke taking care of Sawyer. She is such a sweetheart!

Everyone had so much fun at the party. Cousin's, bowling, arcade, cake and ice cream. What more could a kid ask for! Sawyer got in the car after the party and said "that was fun"!!! My mom and I started to laugh. Thanks Heather and Chase for having us at the party. We love you and will see you soon!!!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Hillary's Birthday!!!

Hillary celebrated her birthday earlier this month at Fat Cats. I honestly don't think the party could have been better. She had some family, some friends but best of all the cousins were there. If I could only say one thing great about Hill (there are to many to list), I would say her love for her nieces and nephews. She lives for these little ones. She has Davis who is her best little guy, but everyone else is right behind. When she sees all the kids her face lights up! Her inner kid comes out and they can play together all day. So on her birthday when most of the cousins showed up, she almost started to cry. She was so excited. Then she had friends show up that she didn't think were coming, the Lingman's and Aoki's, it made her day. Here are a couple pictures from the party.

Hillary looking at her cake. This was the best gift Jason could have given her. You have to wait for the last picture to see what it is...
Hill making sure Davis is ready for the candles.

Blowing out the candles!!!!

And the best of all.... Who is Hillary's favorite person of all times.... Keep guessing....
Brittney!!!! Of course... Nice work Jason!!!

Happy Birthday Beatle!!! We love you so much! Hopefully you had a great birthday!!!

New Years 2010 at the Reid's!

New Year's Eve we spent at Hillary and Jason's house. Sawyer and Davis love to play and get along so well. These two are so funny together. I must admit I'm a little nervous to see what happens when they get older... Time will tell I suppose!!! Brandon and Haley came over and "B" made homemade pizza's that were to die for. He made all different kinds,chicken, pepperoni, cheese, veggie all of them were great. He even had his own pizza pans to cook them on. It was great!!! We all just hung out, talked, watched the kids play, most of all enjoyed each others company!!! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

Mitch being goofy with the boys. We all love Mitch!!!
Davis and Sawyer reading together.

Scary picture of Me, Hillary and Haley. Sorry girls it's the only one I had...

Mitch and Davis

The boys hard at work!!!Mark, Jason and Brandon.

Just hanging out with Haley. She can fix anything!!!

Who doesn't love pops!!!

I love this picture. Haley, Brandon and the kids left the next morning. This picture is the perfect goodbye photo. I love it!!!!

Thanks Hillary and Jason for having us over. We are so glad we brought in the New Year with you guys. Thanks B for the awesome pizza and bringing the family to SLC for the Holidays.

Happy New Year!!!

A quick update New Years Day!

This year we spent the holidays in SLC. Every year when the snow starts to fall we think its time for sledding! Grandpa Brent and Grandma Jan have the perfect hill for sledding and boarding. We spent the early part of New Years with everyone sledding and having a great time. I really can't explain how AWESOME it is. The kids can walk up the hill (of course the adults have the sleds), its fast for the kids and fun for the adults as we dodge the trees! Hot Chocolate waiting inside from Grandma Jan. It's perfect! I just wish we could do it more often. Thanks Dad and Jan for a great day! Happy New Year everyone!!!

Papa and Sawyer just finishing a ride. Sawyer loves his Papa!!! Sawyer found the only tractor around. Hopefully this is every 2year old boy not just Sawyer because he lives in Pocatello Idaho!!!All the kids on the hill!!!Chase is all smiles with Caroline, Papa and Sawyer.Kennedy and Jr. Yes she is wearing a T-shirt. Silly girls!Caroline and Sawyer!

Sawyer and Oliva. This picture totally reminds me of The Christmas Story. Neither one of them look like they can move. At least they are warm.... Right!!!

Davis, Kennedy and Grace having so much fun!!!

Caution!!! He hits just a little hard nothing major. When Mark saw the video he said "he hit hard. Are you sure he liked it? "Just listen close. He loved it!!! I love how he just sits at the bottom. Classic!!!

Thanks Papa and Grandma for having everyone over. We all love it, adults included.

Maybe next year Sawyer will be snowboarding down the hill.... I hope so!!!