Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Best Buddies

At the beginning of March, Hillary and Davis came up to Pocatello for a couple of days. We all had so much! Sawyer and Davis are best buddies! We will be driving down the street and Sawyer will say to me, "Davis is my best buddy"! It's adorable. Anyway, this visit was awesome! The boys played hard at the gym, chasing each other, jumping on the tramps, jumping in the pit, and just playing like little boys do. Here they are headed to the gym. Of course the car seats have to be right next to each other so they can talk. Silly boys!!!Playing tag at the gym. I love Davies face in this one.So sweet! Hillary and Davis watching the boarders. Davis runnig up the mat.I thought this one was cute.Jumping on the tramps. This is definitely one of their favorite things to do.Walking to the discount store. Holding hands like always...Cool dude!!!Climbing out of the pit. The boys would run and jump into the pit then climb up the cheese mat over and over again.We spent the weekend at a gymnastics meet in Boise. Hillary, Davis and my mom joined us. We had a great time but didn't take any pictures. What were we thinking!

After Boise we drove to SLC to spend a couple of days at Hillary and Jason's house. We went for walks, played outside in the wagon, enjoying the nice warm weather. Don't these boys look like twins? They are honestly so funny together. They copy each other, hold hands, have their own conversations. They really are best buddies!!! Here they are out for a walk, This picture is the best. The boys and aunt Beatle. Sawyer loves her so much!

Looking cool!

Enjoying the wonderful spring weather in the wagon.

What better way to call it a day then with ice cream.

We all had the best week together. Having Hill and Davis at our place was awesome. We always love having company. Having them join us in Boise and seeing what we do was great! And spending a couple of days at their house was awesome. We all have so much fun together. The boys are the best, no fights, just playing. The adults hang out and talk, and just admire the interaction between these best buddies. Thanks Hill for an awesome week. We love you so much!!

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Haley said...

they are so cute!!! i miss you guys!!