Monday, April 26, 2010

Sawyer and his tricks

Today at the gym Sawyer was doing all sorts of funny things. Watching him play is a blast! He has been doing flips on the tramp for a couple weeks, today I finally got it on video. The funniest part of his jumping is how high he gets. He loves jumping high!

During the ramp class tonight Sawyer found a small hill and decided he was going to ride his board down it. I was just watching him as he looked at the hill, looked for his board practiced getting on the board a couple times then down he went. It was hilarious! I love watching his little brain work. Silly boy!!!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Liberty Park

Last weekend we headed down to Liberty park with Heidi and the kids. We spent a good two hours there and enjoyed every minute. The kids rode the rides, played on the playground, walked through the water falls and enjoyed the wonderful weather. I love the spring time! I could stay outside all day and so could Sawyer. We can't wait to go back. Maybe our next Wednesday visit we will head back down to Liberty.
Anthony driving his BLACK car, Sawyer's in the YELLOW car. Heidi and Grace ready to swing. I must say this is a pretty good ride. Everyone needs to try it.


The airplanes are both Anthony and Sawyer's favorite. We could have guessed that one!

This is a great shot. The boys were playing with a ball and both went to pick it up. Precious!

Little buddies looking out for each other.

Heidi took Sawyer and Grace on the ferris wheel. Sawyer kept saying "I'm flying!"
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Grace and the boys enjoying the day together.

We had so much fun with Heidi and the kids at the park. Great weather and great company. We love you guys!

Easter 2010

After the Easter egg hunt at Papa's, Sawyer and Davis wanted to color eggs. So we headed to Hillary and Jason's for Easter activities. The boys were so funny coloring eggs. At first they weren't quite sure how it worked, but as the egg colors changed they figured it out. Sawyer did say the funniest thing, he put his egg in the dye, waited for just a minute, pulled the egg out and with the most excited voice says,"look mom, mines white!!!" It was so precious! We all started laughing and placed it with all the colored eggs on the tray. He was so proud of his WHITE egg.

Here's the white egg.

Sunday morning, we headed up to Grandma Taunnie's to see if the Easter bunny had left eggs and a basket at her house. Sawyer and Davis were so excited when Grace told them their eggs were there. Yeah for Grace! She was such a big help. She took the boys through the entire house, making sure every egg and baskets were found.

Grace and her bag of eggs. We love you Gracie!!!

I found a pink one!!!Posted by Picasa

Sawyer loves it when Davis gives him loves.Grace and the boys dividing out eggs. We can't wait to see whats inside...Daddy and Sawyer. I love it!!!Grace is always loving Davis. She does give the best hugs.

This one is a little scary but its the only one we had. Sawyer's basket was actually a helmet. Great idea right! He was so excited! If you watched the video of Sawyer on the ramp that I posted a couple days ago he is wearing his Easter helmet. See why it was such a good idea!!!

Happy Easter Everyone!!!

Easter hunt at Papa's

Saturday before Easter, Grandpa Brent and Grandma Jan had an Easter egg hunt for all the grand kids. Before we headed to their place, we joined Hillary and Jason at their church function. Sawyer and Davis rode down this enormous slide that looked like a shark. They loved it once they finally reached the top. This slide was HUGE!!! We didn't stay long at the church function but had a great time. Papa and Grandma Jan have continued the Easter egg hunt tradition that started when we were growing up. Everyone has so much fun looking for eggs. We all look forward to hearing what message the Easter bunny left in the eggs. This year was Sawyer's first time at Papa's for the hunt. He had so much fun with all of his cousins. McKinnley took him around to look for eggs. He also helped him read the messages from the bunny. Happy Easter!!!

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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Our little dare devil

Well, as you know, Sawyer spends most of his time at the gym watching gymnasts, rampers, cheeleaders, karate and the list goes on. Since he watches everyone else do exciting, thrilling moves he often feels like he can do anything. He loves the tramps and jumps really high! Today he was ready for a new rush. He wanted to drop the small end of the ramp. He picked up his helmet (he got his own for easter) put it on, grabbed a board and placed it just like the older boarders do at the edge of the ramp. He climbed up the mats and was ready to go. No hesitation! Looking out for his saftey, Mark and Keith helped him down the ramp, very little help was needed. CRAZY!!!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Davis's party continues

The party continued on Sunday at the gym. This is by far Sawyer's and Davis's favorite place. They chase each other around, jump on the tramps, jump in the pit, practice their sprints down the rod floor and slide down the ramps. It really is a kids perfect playground. We all played for a couple hours then headed to Outer limits for pizza and games. What a great second birthday Davis had!

Jumping off the mats into the foam pit was a hit! Jason would wait for them, then make them laugh so hard just doing silly things like throwing the foam at them. It was a blast!
The boys would run the motorcycles up the ramp then let them go. They had so much fun making up games and sounds. They are so fun to watch.

Opening up presents! With an arm like Davis's we had to get him T-ball.Sawyer did a good job hitting the ball after a lesson from Jason.

After having so much fun at the gym it was time to eat and play games. Outer limits was the perfect place.

Davis and Sawyer loved the airplane ride.

Peeking out the window in the play land.Sawyer's turn in the airplane.Riding in the Tonka truck. I love the boys smiles!

Playing games!

Thank you Hillary and Jason for having Davis's party up here. We all had so much fun! Sawyer loves you both so much. I can't wait to see what the next year has in store for these two little ones. Love you!

Birthday weekend for Davis

Davis turned two on March 22nd and decided to come play in Pocatello for part of his party. I must say we were thrilled they wanted to come spend his birthday up here. Sawyer was so excited to have his buddy in town for a few days. We all had so much fun! We went to Lava Hot Springs on Sat. We played in the hot pools for a couple hours. It was AWESOME! If you have never been to Lava, you definitely need to put it on your list of places to go. After the hot pools, we stopped at the local ice cream parlor. They not only have great ice cream but delicious sandwiches on homemade bread. Yummy! After Lava,we met Mark back in Pocatello and headed off to dinner. We went to Buddy's, a local Italian restaurant that Debbie's friend mentioned was her favorite place. So we tried it out! We not only had a great dinner but tons of fun.

The two boys enjoying the hot pools!

I love this one!

Here is some of the group, Sawyer, Jason, Davis, Hillary and Kevin. We are missing Debbie, Grandma Taunnie and Mark.Out in front of the Hot Springs sign. The Reids (and Sawyer).After all the swimming and ice cream the boys couldn't keep their eyes open. These two fell to sleep within 5 minutes of leaving the ice cream parlor. They were exhausted! We had such a wonderful day together. The hot pools were awesome! The ice cream hit the spot! Most important we all hung out and enjoyed the sunshine together. Thanks for a great day!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Happy Birthday Caroline the BIG 8

We were so lucky to be in town on Caroline's 8th birthday! I can't believe she is already 8. CRAZY!!! We missed dinner but she came to Hill and Jason's for a while to play. The kids love her so much! She is always teaching them new things, playing games with them, and making them laugh continually. We love you so much Caroline! Happy 8th Birthday!!! The two boys playing with Caroline.

Such sweet kisses!!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY CAROLINE!!!! Thanks for being such an awesome cousin to these little guys. Love you!

St. Patrick's Day

Well I'm trying to get caught up on my blogging. Since pictures are so much fun to look at, I'm going to write very little but post the pictures. St. Patrick's was on a Wednesday so Sawyer and I were in SLC playing. Always a blast!!! The weather was perfect, the kids played all day outside, and of course had so much fun playing together.

Chase, Sawyer and Jr getting ready to go down the slide at grandma's house.

Sawyer playing in the dirt.

The swings are all the kids favorite. Sawyer, Olivia and Chase couldn't get swinging high enough.
Sawyer giving loves to Aunt Gerry. She did chalk art with the kids for about an hour. Thanks Gerry! We love you!Ready! Set! GO! Davis slides down and launches off the bottom. It's hilarious to watch.

We all had a great time playing outside, and wearing green. Thanks everyone for playing!!!