Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Davis's party continues

The party continued on Sunday at the gym. This is by far Sawyer's and Davis's favorite place. They chase each other around, jump on the tramps, jump in the pit, practice their sprints down the rod floor and slide down the ramps. It really is a kids perfect playground. We all played for a couple hours then headed to Outer limits for pizza and games. What a great second birthday Davis had!

Jumping off the mats into the foam pit was a hit! Jason would wait for them, then make them laugh so hard just doing silly things like throwing the foam at them. It was a blast!
The boys would run the motorcycles up the ramp then let them go. They had so much fun making up games and sounds. They are so fun to watch.

Opening up presents! With an arm like Davis's we had to get him T-ball.Sawyer did a good job hitting the ball after a lesson from Jason.

After having so much fun at the gym it was time to eat and play games. Outer limits was the perfect place.

Davis and Sawyer loved the airplane ride.

Peeking out the window in the play land.Sawyer's turn in the airplane.Riding in the Tonka truck. I love the boys smiles!

Playing games!

Thank you Hillary and Jason for having Davis's party up here. We all had so much fun! Sawyer loves you both so much. I can't wait to see what the next year has in store for these two little ones. Love you!

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