Sunday, April 25, 2010

Easter 2010

After the Easter egg hunt at Papa's, Sawyer and Davis wanted to color eggs. So we headed to Hillary and Jason's for Easter activities. The boys were so funny coloring eggs. At first they weren't quite sure how it worked, but as the egg colors changed they figured it out. Sawyer did say the funniest thing, he put his egg in the dye, waited for just a minute, pulled the egg out and with the most excited voice says,"look mom, mines white!!!" It was so precious! We all started laughing and placed it with all the colored eggs on the tray. He was so proud of his WHITE egg.

Here's the white egg.

Sunday morning, we headed up to Grandma Taunnie's to see if the Easter bunny had left eggs and a basket at her house. Sawyer and Davis were so excited when Grace told them their eggs were there. Yeah for Grace! She was such a big help. She took the boys through the entire house, making sure every egg and baskets were found.

Grace and her bag of eggs. We love you Gracie!!!

I found a pink one!!!Posted by Picasa

Sawyer loves it when Davis gives him loves.Grace and the boys dividing out eggs. We can't wait to see whats inside...Daddy and Sawyer. I love it!!!Grace is always loving Davis. She does give the best hugs.

This one is a little scary but its the only one we had. Sawyer's basket was actually a helmet. Great idea right! He was so excited! If you watched the video of Sawyer on the ramp that I posted a couple days ago he is wearing his Easter helmet. See why it was such a good idea!!!

Happy Easter Everyone!!!

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