Sunday, April 25, 2010

Easter hunt at Papa's

Saturday before Easter, Grandpa Brent and Grandma Jan had an Easter egg hunt for all the grand kids. Before we headed to their place, we joined Hillary and Jason at their church function. Sawyer and Davis rode down this enormous slide that looked like a shark. They loved it once they finally reached the top. This slide was HUGE!!! We didn't stay long at the church function but had a great time. Papa and Grandma Jan have continued the Easter egg hunt tradition that started when we were growing up. Everyone has so much fun looking for eggs. We all look forward to hearing what message the Easter bunny left in the eggs. This year was Sawyer's first time at Papa's for the hunt. He had so much fun with all of his cousins. McKinnley took him around to look for eggs. He also helped him read the messages from the bunny. Happy Easter!!!

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