Sunday, April 25, 2010

Liberty Park

Last weekend we headed down to Liberty park with Heidi and the kids. We spent a good two hours there and enjoyed every minute. The kids rode the rides, played on the playground, walked through the water falls and enjoyed the wonderful weather. I love the spring time! I could stay outside all day and so could Sawyer. We can't wait to go back. Maybe our next Wednesday visit we will head back down to Liberty.
Anthony driving his BLACK car, Sawyer's in the YELLOW car. Heidi and Grace ready to swing. I must say this is a pretty good ride. Everyone needs to try it.


The airplanes are both Anthony and Sawyer's favorite. We could have guessed that one!

This is a great shot. The boys were playing with a ball and both went to pick it up. Precious!

Little buddies looking out for each other.

Heidi took Sawyer and Grace on the ferris wheel. Sawyer kept saying "I'm flying!"
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Grace and the boys enjoying the day together.

We had so much fun with Heidi and the kids at the park. Great weather and great company. We love you guys!

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