Saturday, May 8, 2010

Random shots

After the playdate with Kirra and Max, Sawyer played with his cousins at grandma's house. They were all in silly moods. We turned on some music on the computer and this is what happened. Dancing and singing on the couch, while the moms danced on the floor. Davis has started doing this Kung Fu pose. He freezes in his pose, waits for a few seconds, then starts over again. You can see here he is teaching Jr how to do it!!!

Mia is all smiles! Sawyer loves her!!!

Heidi, Hillary, Katie and I took our kids to Shivers for dinner. I must say it was pretty crazy but the kids sure had a good time.

This is a random picture of Sawyer on Tuesday night. He loves to snuggle! When he isn't sleeping on top of my head, he loves to snuggle with tigger. Thanks aunt Holli!!!

Ariel came to visit for a couple of days. Sawyer had so much fun with his big sister. She helped teach him how to play pool. Sawyer really loves her so much. Come stay with us anytime Arz. We love you!!!

Playdate with Kirra

Last week, Sawyer and I were lucky enough to have a playdate with Max and Kirra. We had been planning this get together for a while. It was supposed to take place the week before but my plane was delayed so we changed it. Jessica and her little guy Max were also going to come but work kept those two from joining us. Kirra and I took the boys to Thanksgiving Point to the Dinosaur Museum. Great choice Kirra!!! The boys loved it! The boys just followed each other around, played on the computer, played in sand and water, then dug for dinosaur bones. These two really do enjoy playing together. When we got in the car Sawyer said, "mom that was fun! I like Max"! Thank you, thank you, thank you Kirra for getting together. We had so much fun! We can't wait for the next get together.

They don't look to happy in this picture but they really did have so much fun!

Computers are always a hit!

Getting their shovels to dig for bones!!!

Sawyer would pick up a spoonful of sand than walk it to the other sandbox. Silly boy!!!

They both loved the Shark!

Playing in the sand and water.

Sawyer thought this dinosaur was awesome! Max wasn't' to interested. I tried to get them both to sit on it for a picture but that wasn't going to happen.

I must say Sawyer and I had a great time. There is nothing better then getting together with old friends, talking, laughing, and watching our kids play. Kirra we think about you guys all the time. Thanks so much for playing. Let do it again soon!!!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Bouncin time

While in SLC last Wednesday, Heidi had a great idea to take the kids to Bouncin Off The Walls. If you have never been there, its an indoor play area where everything is blown up. They have an awesome slide, that we all enjoyed, basketball, and a regular jumpy. Its the perfect place to go on a rainy day. As you can see Heidi and Hillary had a great ride with Chase cheering them on!!!!The 3 boys playing air hockey! Aren't they the cutest!!!Grace helping Sawyer and Davis go down the smaller slide. Jr and Sawyer would bounce on the edge of this basketball/football jumpy. They would bounce so hard I thought they were going to fall out. Sawyer on the run!!!Chase is all smiles after coming down the big slide!Look at that grin!!!!Grace and Chase sliding together!Bouncin boys!!!

Me, Sawyer and Grace sliding together.

Sawyer started doing a flip at the top of the slide. It was hilarious!! I tried to get a video of it but you couldn't see it.

Everyone had so much fun! Thanks Heidi for a great idea.

Circus time

Last Tuesday we decided to take Sawyer to the Circus. It was the traveling Circus so it was really small and not a ton of animals. As we were watching the show, Mark and I were both thinking this was sort of a dud but then the elephants came out. Sawyer was so excited! He hasn't stopped talking about them. During intermission the elephants, ponies, and snake came back out. We took a ride on the elephant. Sawyer was loving it!!! I have a video but I can't get it to upload on the blog. (If anyone knows how to help please let me know). Anyway, the motorcycles were also a hit with Sawyer. When we got home, Sawyer was so excited he came running over to me and said "call grammy please!" Once we got grandma on the phone he just started talking away, a million miles a minute. Mark came in the room to see what was happening, he could hear Sawyer from the other room. We both started laughing. It was priceless! We can't wait to take him to the next traveling circus or Barnum and Bailey when they come to SLC. I wonder if Barnum and Bailey will let him ride the elephants after the show?

Watching the show!!!

Isn't he sweet!!!!