Saturday, May 8, 2010

Random shots

After the playdate with Kirra and Max, Sawyer played with his cousins at grandma's house. They were all in silly moods. We turned on some music on the computer and this is what happened. Dancing and singing on the couch, while the moms danced on the floor. Davis has started doing this Kung Fu pose. He freezes in his pose, waits for a few seconds, then starts over again. You can see here he is teaching Jr how to do it!!!

Mia is all smiles! Sawyer loves her!!!

Heidi, Hillary, Katie and I took our kids to Shivers for dinner. I must say it was pretty crazy but the kids sure had a good time.

This is a random picture of Sawyer on Tuesday night. He loves to snuggle! When he isn't sleeping on top of my head, he loves to snuggle with tigger. Thanks aunt Holli!!!

Ariel came to visit for a couple of days. Sawyer had so much fun with his big sister. She helped teach him how to play pool. Sawyer really loves her so much. Come stay with us anytime Arz. We love you!!!

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Ryan and Katie said...

so fun!!!!!! Love ya!!!!