Friday, June 18, 2010


Many of you may have thought there was no way we were going to pull off this Italy trip. We started the entire process on Tuesday, left Wednesday for Seattle to get Sawyer his passport, then started out journey to Italy on Saturday night. This was one of those trips where no planning was involved. We didn't have a hotel, no set agenda, but all of us were excited for the adventure. Our journey began with a red eye flight into JFK. We left Saturday night and arrived in New York around 6:00am. It was perfect. We found a place that would store our luggage while we went into Manhattan. Our flight didn't leave to Venice until 7:00pm so we had most of the day. Once our bags were in a safe place, we headed to the subway. We decided to grab brunch "to go" and eat in Central Park. This park is one of our favorite places, it's so beautiful, and the environment is awesome. We took Sawyer to the playground hoping he would use up some energy, tiring him out for the flight to Venice. The day was a BLAST!!!!

This was just after we landed in JFK. The excitement of our journey has now kicked in. We are ready for anything.

Mommy and Sawyer at the park. Sawyer loved the swings and the sand. The weather was also perfect but he wouldn't take off his sweatshirt.

Daddy and Sawyer relaxing under the tree.

Grandma and Sawyer also enjoying the park.

Swinging time!!!

The carousel was up and running. I do mean running! This was the fastest carousel I have ever been on. Sawyer loved it!!!What a beautiful view.Sawyer was so funny! We would be walking through the park and he would stop. He would say,"airplane! airplane! can you see the airplane"! It was hilarious.Of course Sawyer loved the dirtiest places he could find. The subways were his favorite!

Here is Sawyer waiting patiently for the flight to Venice.

On the plane to Venice!!!! Yippee! Here we come!!!!

This isn't our best shot but here we are just off the plane at the Venice airport.This is what you see right when you get off the bus that takes you downtown Venice. Isn't this spectacular! The water is calming, the people are friendly, and the scenery is fabulous.Everyone needs to go on a gondola ride at least once in their life. This was the most beautiful, calming, enjoyable boat ride I have taken. Grandma and Sawyer loved it as well.Precious boy in a very narrow corridor!!!Mark and I being serenaded by the gondolier. It was truly romantic.Here you can see how hard the Gondolier works. Keep in mind he does this all day long, sun up to sun down. Mark found this local breakfast joint just down the street from our hotel. It was AWESOME!!! Apparently it's normal to start your day with a beer, or coffee and liquor. The guy you see in the background loved Sawyer. He didn't speak English but Sawyer made them laugh and laugh.Gram and Sawyer waiting for the bus.Like father, like son! Both just kicking back waiting for the bus.I love this picture of my mom. Thanks for coming with us!!!Isn't this picture a good one. I thought so.Family shot at St. Mark's Square.After a couple wonderful days in Venice, we took the train to Florence. We all know how much Sawyer loves trains. He was one happy kiddo when we told him we were going on a train ride. Here he is all smiles!More smiles! Watching him on the train was so much fun. Seeing how excited he was made us all enjoy the ride.When we arrived in Florence, it was a serious down pour. Sawyer was fine with the rain but insisted on having his own umbrella.

Once we were out in the rain, it seemed to only get harder. At that point we opted for the rain cover. They really came in handy when Sawyer fell asleep.Mark found us the perfect hotel. See what happens when you don't have set reservations. This hotel was our favorite. It was exactly what you would picture if you had never been there. The ceilings were high, the decor antique, spacious, a wonderful view and not to mention a continental breakfast. It was awesome! The name was The Paris, I would recommend it to anyone. This is the view from our window.Here is the hotel room. Even Sawyer loved it!Not the best picture but this was taken at the Plazza della Signoria. Very beautiful! The rain continued for a few hours. Grandma and Sawyer loved it!!!Yes, that is Sawyer dry as can be, and sound asleep! Great thinking with the rain coat!!!Standing in front of Cattedrale di Santa Maria del Fiore.This picture is one of my personal favorites. Mark and I on the bridge crossing the Fiume Arno. I must say this was probably the highlight for Sawyer. Right in the middle of downtown Florence was a carousel He wanted to go on it over and over. It was in a beautiful location, and a great way to let Sawyer have some fun!

We ended up in Rome on Thursday afternoon. It worked out perfect. We spent 2 nights in Venice, 1 and a half days in Florence, and 2 nights in Rome. It was AWESOME!!! Rome definitely had a ton of history to see, so we immediately started walking once we found a hotel. We started our journey with the Colosseo. What an amazing piece of history. The first day it was closed when we got there so we went inside on day two. Here it is!

Mark discovered that when you look into the Colosseo from outside the gates, each entrance has an appearance of a skull. Can you see it!!!Sawyer found a real liking for the beautiful place, it is the Monumento a Vittorio Emanuele 11. We passed it both days and he climbed the gate both days. It's so funny what catches these little ones eyes!Inside the Colosseo.
Here's mom, not looking to happy but I know she had a great time.

Sawyer on the steps inside the Colosseo. Handsome boy!!!

I love this picture of Daddy and Sawyer inside the Colosseo.

The inside shot of the Colosseo.This is the Castel Sant' Angelo. We didn't go inside but it was beautiful from outside!
Mommy and Sawyer infront of Il Vaticano. What a fantastic place! Everyone needs to see this place. The beauty ouside and inside is overwhelming.

Another shot of the Il Vaticano. You can see Mark to the left.Inside the Il Vaticano. This is a place of beauty and purity!

This is the Tomb you see when you enter.

Here is Michelangelo's Pieta

I just thought this was beautiful.

Sawyer dancing in the street.

And of course we had to show you the pizza. This was the only time my mom ever enjoyed pizza. She has never been a fan until we were in Italy. It is the best!!!


This is one part of the Trinita dei Monti. Right next to where we had lunch.

Grammy and Sawyer infront of the Fontana di Trevi. We love this area. Beauty everywhere!

This is the Presidental Palace. Quite an amazing place.

Inside the Pantheon.

Also inside the Pantheon.Sawyer was loving the dress up outside the Pantheon. Sawyer loved the sword.

What can I say but this was a trip we will never forget! We had so much fun eating good food, seeing all the history, relaxing on the Gondola, and enjoying great company. We can't wait for our next adventure, although I think it will be a Meditteranian Cruise!!!