Tuesday, June 8, 2010


I mentioned in a post a few months back that Haley, Hillary, Jason, Brandon and I were going to run in the Rock and Roll Marathon. We were going to do the half marathon but Ali had a gymnastics meet during the race time, Mitch had a baseball game that started during the run. Needless to say, no running happen (except on the treadmill) but an awesome trip to Cleveland was had. For some reason I cant find my pictures of the gymnastics meet or the baseball game. Weird! I know I had pictures of both. For now this is what I have. This trip we headed to the library and the Nature Center. Sawyer loved both places. As you can see from this picture below so did Haley and I as we are stuck in the tree.
Sawyer is 3feet tall. What a big boy!

Sawyer and Rylie looking at the fish.

Isn't grandma beautiful! I love this picture.

Rylie and Sawyer loved the Eagle.

Who doesn't love turtles. These little guys were off to the left right when we walked in the door.

Sawyer loves to go to the library. It seems like everywhere we go the library's have great children's areas. Our library in Idaho isn't like that. I guess that because we are in a small town.

Rylie and Sawyer playing learning games together.

Looking at the fish.

Well I'm totally bummed that the pictures of the gym meet and the baseball game are missing. When they appear I will put them on. For know look at Haley's blog for the rest of the pictures. We always have so much fun in Cleveland. Ali your meet was AWESOME!!! I can't to come watch next year. Mitch you are an AWESOME baseball player. We love watching you both. See you soon!!!

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