Friday, July 16, 2010

4th of July 2010

This 4th of July was full of activities that started on the 3rd. It seemed weird to me but the Pocatello parade was actually on Sunday the 4th, so Casey invited us to go with her family to the Inkom parade on the 3rd. It was so much fun and way bigger than I expected. One thing I love about the parades in Idaho is they still throw candy. It's like Halloween in the summer! Who wouldn't like that!!

Sawyer in one of his shirts from Jennifer (waiting for the candy). Isn't it festive and adorable! Thanks Jenn!!
The kids all looked great in their red, white and blue. Here they are waiting for the parade to start. Thanks again Casey for having us along. Precious boys!!!Sawyer and Tessa. Isn't she a cutie.I thought this picture was hilarious. It looks like they are going to get run over by the tractor.I call this a white trash float. To funny!After the parade, Casey wanted to take Sawyer up to see the ponies. Sawyer has never been around horses so he was excited.Thanks Casey for being so good to our little guy.
We headed into Inkom for the activities for the kids. They had a train ride, bouncies, fishing for live goldfish, watermelon eating contests, bands and all sorts of fun things.

All smiles in the bouncy.They loved the train ride.
On Saturday evening we headed to Lewiston Utah to watch a Rodeo. Casey's husband and a couple family members were in the rodeo. It was also the first time Sawyer has been on a horse. He loved it!!!

On Sunday morning we woke up and headed to the Pocatello parade. We met up with the Schrade Family which is always fun. Sawyer loves these girls and Mark and I really enjoy visiting with Chris and Jennifer.

As you can see Sawyer is in another shirt from Jenn. This one is one of his favorites.

Sawyer and the girls watching the parade.Group shot.Don't they all look so cute! Sawyer really does fit in with these girls since his hair is so light. This is one fun bunch of kids.In the afternoon, I decided to take Sawyer up to the fairgrounds to ride a couple rides. They set up rides and vendors every year since the fireworks show is so amazing. Airplane ride.More flying time!For the evening we headed over to Casey's house for a BBQ and horse roping and riding. It was a blast. Sawyer found a new little friend, He is always pondering something it seems.I love this picture!Sawyer's first horse ride. And with a cute girl I must add.Off into the sunset!Casey was teaching me how to ride. I had a blast! Mark took this picture of Casey and I. We think it's pretty!Sawyer loved the horses. Watching and riding them. This was one busy weekend but we had so much fun. Thank you so much Casey for letting us join your family in all their activities. Not only did we have fun at the parade, and riding horses but meeting new people and seeing new places. Jennifer, thank you for the shirts and for joining us for the Pocatello parade. Everyone who was a part of this weekend, Thank you! WE HAD A BLAST!!!

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