Friday, July 16, 2010

Aviation Day

OK, so we all know how much Sawyer loves Airplanes. He loves everything about them. Riding on them, the airport, the sounds, and everything associated with flight. When I saw that the airport in Pocatello was having Aviation Day, Mark and I were so excited. We just knew Sawyer was going to love it. Plus they were giving helicopter rides which we have never done. Let's just say we couldn't wait!!! I really wanted Sawyer to have an all out Aviation
day, so I asked my supervisor if I could bring him to work for a flight. She is AWESOME and said YES.

Here they are eating lunch together in the backroom. Thanks Beth for letting Sawyer see what goes on behind the scenes. Your the best!!! Mark and Sawyer waiting for the Helicopter ride.
Sawyer was really excited about the fire truck.

This was his favorite helicopter. It was huge if you can't tell.

Sawyer wasn't nervous at all getting inside with this military guy. He actually flies this helicopter and was telling Sawyer all about it. Beth and I just laughed as they chatted.
All smiles in the back of the helicopter. I'm pretty sure he's going to be a pilot or do something with Aeronautics.

Daddy and Sawyer enjoying the ride.

It was a great view from the front seat.

This is a video of a World War II airplane getting ready to take off. Watch how cool the wings are as they lower. This was one of my favorite planes.

What an AMAZING day we all had. The helicopter ride was so much fun. Sawyer talked about it for an entire week. I love listening to him talk about it. All the airplanes, and helicopters that were there for show were so cool. It really was a day we will never forget.

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