Sunday, July 4, 2010

Lagoon with Papa

I guess you could say that we have been one busy family. First to Seattle, then Italy, and then St. George. But the fun didn't stop there. Grandpa Brent's Stake Lagoon day was right after we got back from St. George. Sawyer had never been to lagoon before so we decided he needed to go. I will say Sawyer wasn't the only one excited go ride the rides. I love roller coasters!!! I hadn't been to lagoon for years so it was really a treat! It ended up being the sisters and their kids for the most part. Papa and uncle Jason came out after work. All the kids really enjoyed the day. We stayed all day, we got there when it opened and left when it closed. The kids were great!!! Here are a few of the kids. Jr, Grace, Chase and Sawyer. We were getting ready to ride the Train. This was a definite favorite for all the kids.Aunt Gerry has her favorite ride as well. The sky coaster. (I think that's the name) nothing more relaxing than sitting down, looking down below at all the activities.
Bumper cars!!! I think the kids rode these more than any other ride. Here you can see Sawyer, Caroline, Jr and Grace.

Davis and Sawyer loved the airplanes. I must say Sawyer was in heaven! Flying his own plane at such a young age.

Cute boys waiting in the longest line of the day. The boat ride!

Grace flying with Sawyer. Great flying Gracie!!!

Chase was flying solo but looking handsome as always.

Jr and Sawyer in the fighter planes. For some reason they didn't want to shoot at each other, they just wanted to share the plane. They loved it!!

The boat ride. This is one slow ride!!! They loved it!!!

Grace and Sawyer getting ready to fly in the helicopter. This was also one of the favorites.

We all had a great time at lagoon. I 'm so glad that we decided to go. Sawyer loved the rides, and especially loved going on the rides with his cousins. I think we will head back soon with grandma Taunnie. After she saw all the pictures, and saw how much fun we all had, she wants to go. I guess the next trip to lagoon will happen before the end of the summer. Yea!!!!

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Haley said...

wish we could go to lagoon with you guys!!!